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Surreal Prose Poems

These Surreal Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Surreal. These are the best examples of Prose Surreal poems written by international poets.

A car rolls into a soundless night,
It's light sends a bursting view of overhanging growth,
In a microcosm succession of descending seconds,
Pruned for a snapshot temporal...

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Categories: prose, analogy, creation, earth, future,

Premium Member Winter Sihouette Skies

In the winter twilight
of the meandering drive,
silhouettes of dark clouds
patchwork the cerulean sky
with weird images of animate
and inanimate things:
animals, buildings, ships,
celestial mountains
rising above a terrestrial...

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Categories: prose, beauty, imagery, joy, memory,

Premium Member A Virginia Spring Morning

As the quiet dew
wet blades of grass grew,
hungry rays of sunlight
slowly consumed 
the last morsels of darkness

Faint echoes of the symphony 
of frogs and crickets

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Categories: prose, animal, bird, imagery, metaphor,

Premium Member A Spring Of Life Celebration

In the consuming time of day
the water of the no longer frozen pond
is again home to a family of ducks
floating quietly in the center, as...

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Categories: prose, animal, beauty, imagery, metaphor,

Poet:  Ken Jordan 
Poem: Dreams
Edited by:  Sparkle Jordan 
written:  December/2016

Flying inside a state of mind
without wings,.... floating 
where non-reality thrives 
upon a...

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© Ken Jordan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, conflict, dream, fantasy,

But For Now
It’s surreal,
that in-between where, 
life stares down death.

One minute you’re facing eternity; 
the next the realization that 
you’re not in control.

In that reality,
life seems insignificant,

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Categories: allusion, conflict, death, health,

Premium Member The village is opened

I unpack this flat pack pop up card
I scan those ancient hills,
the snow starts, 
it crafts a powdery scene that 
covers all this greenery.

I walk...

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© Tony Kirk  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, snow, surreal, winter,

Premium Member On The Eve of A Silent Winter Night

The pre-gibbous moon
looked on
as five flying geese
in pattern formation
quietly fluttered by...
streaking across the sky;

Landscaping shadows
of stoic poised trees
reflect  their presence
as the chilled air teases

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Categories: prose, 8th grade, beautiful, imagery,

Just a mile from Hell
Just a mile from HELL, I know.
My map is accurate to the toll.
I shall arrive an honored guest,
My presence there will be extolled.

Induction is a...

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Categories: prose, surreal,

Umbilicus Severed
Each of us is an infant seized
In the moment of labor spent.
We each are Samson, stained, restrained,
Chained between the pillars that confine us.
The womb of...

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Categories: prose, birth, mythology, philosophy, surreal,

Shadow of Mirror
A countenance of shining silver..
was a cheerful lucent mirror.
Sparkled on the cheeks ..
droplets of woe and tear.
The grief of grimace flushed..
the glitter was all disappear...

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Categories: prose, angel, beautiful, deep, image,

Tasseled Dreams
Tasseled Dreams

The thought of the future we will never have was pollinating foul fuzzy particles in the air, 
slowly following the wake of all those...

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© Stone Fox  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, desire, future, inspirational love,

Dream Series: The Bus
I dreamed my brain was coming loose inside my head because the bones of my skull were separating. I couldn't shake it all back into...

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Categories: prose, dream, horror, night, sick,

Dream Series: Snake
Last night I dreamed I found a large boulder in the woods with a big crack filled with water and there was an aquatic snake...

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Categories: prose, animal, dream, environment, fantasy,

Dream Series: The Toothbrushes
Couple nights ago I dreamed Rhonda came home with about 100 toothbrushes of all sizes small to large, all colors, each one wrapped in clear...

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Categories: prose, art, dream, love, morning,

Dream Series: My Vegetable Garden
Last night I dreamed I was weeding my vegetable garden in the Drive-in theater, while people wandered back and forth from snack bar to their...

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Categories: prose, animal, dog, dream, food,

A Lost Art
I love to meet with friends, and to sit with them and chat,
A rewarding way to pass the time, discussing this and that,
As we set...

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Categories: prose, community, culture, education, language,

Dear Joe,
Ah, the life surreal.  Nothing like wearing the weirdness like a greatcoat as I sip bad hotel coffee and muse over where the last few...

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Categories: humor,

Some people haven't changed but time flies,
the karma's the same between lows and highs;
people speak now when they never wanted to,
I won't forget the things...

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Categories: allusion, death, environment, fantasy,

'Would you like one last wish before you die?'
'Yes, I'd like a baked neapolitan alaska please,
then maybe a coffee, cognac and a smoke,
I might even...

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Categories: anxiety, death, farewell, food,