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Simile Prose Poems

These Simile Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Simile. These are the best examples of Prose Simile poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A Nation In Crisis

It has been said that America
is an experiment in democracy.
If that is so—and it seems to be—
this country is in deep...

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Categories: prose, america, conflict, discrimination, imagery,

Premium Member An Amphibian Moment

Being the infant
that you were,
there you sat;
hunched knees
and settle butt looking
with piercing eyes
reflecting stand-off thoughts
as you huffed and puffed.

Like a water pump
pumping out,
your lungs pumped...

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Categories: prose, animal, imagery, life, metaphor,

Premium Member On The Evolution Of Justice

If only old justice could be as death
in the daily lives we live.

Pity, her evolution remains
a punctuated checkmate delusion
and her close kin, liberty,
a symbiotic partner—both...

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Categories: prose, allegory, analogy, black african

Premium Member A Virginia Spring Morning

As the quiet dew
wet blades of grass grew,
hungry rays of sunlight
slowly consumed 
the last morsels of darkness

Faint echoes of the symphony 
of frogs and crickets

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Categories: prose, animal, bird, imagery, metaphor,

Premium Member Nocturnal Rhapsody

Without belching
or hiccupping misty smoke,
the waiting sea
swallowed the setting sun;
up popped the bright
mirror-ball moon. 

The quiet sky sprinkled its self
with twinkling stars
as the restless wind...

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Categories: prose, beauty, metaphor, moon, night,

Premium Member An Allegory To Free At Last

An anchored statue
can no longer be a metaphor
for liberty;
like-wise neither can unbalanced scales
be a matching simile for justice—
and a cracked bell
whose sound has been eviscerated

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Categories: prose, allegory, analogy, black african

Premium Member Episodes of Love

You left but are not gone;
like an amputation—gone
but still here.
When love is experienced,
it is always.

Lost love is as a raindrop
in a puddle.
An evaporated puddle 

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Categories: prose, analogy, imagery, lost love,

Premium Member A Change Is Going To Come

Like the dawning sun
Our liberty is coming soon
The light of the full moon
Reflecting the journey

In circadian rhythm
The seasons come and go
As the laws of nature

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Categories: prose, america, black african american,

Premium Member KING DAY
(A Retrospective Perspective)

			     David said to Solomon his son, be
			strong and of good courage, and do 
			it: fear not, nor...

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Categories: prose, allegory, america, celebration, history,


Standing here in the mind of mine
passing through and over the time
pulling out thoughts sublime:
sorrow, hate, pain, joy, love, sanity--
all the mold character of my...

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Categories: prose, africa, allegory, america, analogy,

Premium Member Of Sinking Ships and Political Debauchery

Today captured souls sail on a Titanic-like ship 
over a new Middle Passage journey on a turbulent sea,
whose waves undulate and froth with viciousness;

The captain...

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Categories: prose, america, analogy, betrayal, imagery,

Premium Member InThe Circadian Rhythms of Time

The circadian rhythms of birth, death, and eternity,
Play on in the sunrise of time:
The dread of winter left you naked and bare;
Your bark skin, scale-like,...

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Categories: prose, color, imagery, metaphor, rainbow,

Analyze my poetry
Analyze my poetry?

If you're disecting my poetry,
It's of no consequence to me.
Spondee's, Trochee's, Pentameter lines,
Dactyl's, Pterodactyl's, slanted rhyme.

Feminine rhyme, not for men?
Masculine rhyme, not for...

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Categories: prose, wisdom,

Premium Member Life Is Never Without Hope
My Boys
how am I going to tell you 
    what I am thinking 
  unless I use words

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Categories: prose, child, simile, words,

Premium Member Bad Habits

I never use to drink, never before / never use to smoke, ever before. Kept your company too long, you led me into the...

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Categories: prose, abuse, betrayal, dark, simile,

Today the gremlins return to me
Sneaking up to bite so nastily
Breathe deeper yet still
Trying to fill
Consume that space within 
Before those bastards can get back...

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Categories: funny, imagination, simile,

Look Deeper
What you see is broken as I gather more strength. What you see is trials but to what length. What you see is smoke and...

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Categories: deep, imagery, irony, recovery

Premium Member Flowing Blissful Beats

Like cool running waters
Flowing over and polishing
Smooth rocks,
Are the thoughts of you flowing
Through the realm of my mind;

You are epitomized ebony essences
Of God’s creation
Wrapped in...

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Categories: prose, beauty, emotions, imagery, longing,

Premium Member Heirs Of The Struggle

Paradoxically, slavery showed equanimity—
Its suffering displayed no discrimination;
We all shared equally, its debilitation,
And were equally denied any sympathy
Over the Middle Passage odyssey;

Black men were prized;...

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Categories: prose, africa, black african american,

Premium Member To Dante's Hell and the Fall of Satan

Miracles are of angels—
even the fallen ones—remember
the idol elections;

Yet, know that the devil
is as much a lie today
as when with wolves like
Pharaoh, Ahab, and Jezebel;


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Categories: prose, analogy, bible, christian, faith,