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Race Prose Poems

These Race Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Race. These are the best examples of Prose Race poems written by international poets.

this  i wish
would be lovely dish
so much many has to 
 from  heaven above
someday dope there will be

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Categories: prose, emotions,

A tribute to Heather
"A Tribute to Heather "
It all started 38 years ago
December 11 
An angel was sent from heaven 
From the time she came out the womb

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Categories: prose, age, death, death of

egg of memory
those worlds are lost to me now,
once achingly close,
like yesterday's rain,
but, will I see you then,
in this egg of memory,
cracked open with a sigh,
fleeing like...

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Categories: prose, memory,

Premium Member Running Through Hell

Like procrastination, stagnation
and its constipated nature is like
a high hurdle before the finish line—
a pregnant thief waiting to trounce you.

Life’s like a race running through...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Meeting Place
We  all friends
Have same blend
Like drink and stink
Come from all race
Have  the same taste
Meeting Place...

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Categories: prose, adventure,

Let me tell you about my eldest brother.

I am: the "Scram!", the "Beat it!", the "What you looking at?!", and the "Turn around and watch...

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Categories: prose, beach, beautiful, brother, celebration,

Premium Member Crowning The Virgin Mary
Crowning the Virgin Mary
I was only six years old and was
chosen by the first grade nun,
To place a garland of roses on the 
Vigin Mary...

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Categories: prose, god, heaven, memory,

Premium Member Resident Refugees
Resident Refugees…

Uprooted, abandoned and displaced;
scattered about in their own homeland—
Irrespective of gender, cultural or race,
the pursuit of happiness seems banned. 

These are the ever-present invisible...

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Categories: prose, america, analogy, discrimination, imagery,

At Last
Emptiness can hurt 
No one hears the silent screams
Fighting for a way out
A race to the dirt
Surviving the dreams
Destroyed without a doubt
Does the sting ever...

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Categories: cry, depression, lonely, lost,

look around
from town  up and down
all race  and faces
they hold hands
making webbing plans
yes  god work is  done and some

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Categories: prose, abuse, adventure,

It appears that I was both half asleep and awake.  For all intents and purposes, let's just call it a dream. There was a...

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Categories: prose, america, animal, freedom,

Who Are You and Why Are You Here
One day when life was full of peace

My mentor said something to tease
Who are you? Why are you here?
What is your life's purpose, my dear?

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Categories: prose, death, i am,

Black History Month, 2019
Born a slave in 1818 and escaped from slavery at the age of 20, Fredrick          ...

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Categories: america, christian, race, racism,

Premium Member GOOD PURPOSE
Looking back at the past to long
Blinds the future. 
Concentrate our strength 
Bundle-up our individual thoughts.
Use your God-mind, we are stronger together.
Unity moves mountains.

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Categories: prose, future, humanity, mountains, moving

vehicle- the death angel
student they are
on the wings of knowledge,
on mirthful wings of angel,
on light of inside and outside

smiling touches them purely
fresh mind, fresh eye view to the...

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Categories: prose, death, depression, nonsense,

Premium Member Intentional Lack of Interest
Feeling great, feeling happy, feeling keen, 
feeling snappy, better than some years.
The other side of the table cannot stop crying, 
fully concentrating on his sadness.

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Categories: prose, perspective,

someway some how
and i mean wow
its must stop now
this corlor race thimg
we're all the same
same god heavenly born
this racist is not god tone
w all belong

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Categories: prose, adventure, blessing,

open it  for us
stop the race stuff
 or hand cuff
or beat  down 
there so much around
give it up 

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Categories: prose, adventure, black african american,

The Fracturing Empire
The top has always been nothing but rough and tumble.
But things really started to get bad when the bottom began to crumble.
Race and gender have...

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Categories: prose, america, political,

Premium Member Poet
What use am I to the world
I sometimes sit and wonder
The mirror shows me an old lady,
drained at last of her thunder.
Do I simply breath...

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Categories: prose, poetry, poets,