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Mirror Prose Poems

These Mirror Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Mirror. These are the best examples of Prose Mirror poems written by international poets.

I called
I called
I called but you did not answer me,
You spoke a language I did not understand.
I reached for you and we touched fingertips, 
Then swiftly...

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Categories: prose, allusion, analogy, angst, boyfriend,

Lost Letter Writing
Writing a letter is following the same avenue as cursive writing; disappearing in the rear-view mirror.  Now, the only letters one seems to receive...

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© Susan Linn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: writing,

Faith and Writing
When young
I had
Little faith –

My beliefs
Were like
Burnt toys
Picked out
From ashes –

Or like
A damp light
And sad

In college
I began
To write
And with
Of wisdom
I explored
What I

And my
Like a
Paint truck

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© Rick Davis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, religious,

Let's Make A Deal
My comings and goings disturbed her a great deal. So we sat on the sofa
and shared freshly popped corn. Let's make a deal lit up...

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Categories: humorous,

I'm just saying
I know the love is genuine because you're willing to sacrifice your glory 
I know your passionate about it because your willing to try &...

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Categories: beautiful, best friend, black


The day I heard you had died I had no idea what to feel
I was not happy, I was not sad, I was not numb

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Categories: prose, 9th grade, childhood, daughter,

Premium Member Lucylastic
Lucy Lastic 

he stole the corner.
booted it hard.
leaned in
wheels spinning

her eyes maniac 
body barely beating
staring straight ahead.
thinking hard for a way out

the inertia carries her...

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© Tony Kirk  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, addiction, angst, death, drug,

Premium Member Russian roulette
Russian roulette
Beautiful young woman danced on a stage on the border of Austin Texas,
moving like a beautiful butterfly in the breeze.
She held the attention...

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Categories: prose, dark, irony, suicide, war,

In my
the universe
all spinning,
in my head.
and things,
all in 
my head.
and future 
holed up
 in my brain.
All that
I see
and touch
found in the
lobes of my
I look
in the...

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© JG Collins  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, art,

Premium Member Nocturnal Rhapsody

Without belching
or hiccupping misty smoke,
the waiting sea
swallowed the setting sun;
up popped the bright
mirror-ball moon. 

The quiet sky sprinkled its self
with twinkling stars
as the restless wind...

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Categories: prose, beauty, metaphor, moon, night,

What is
Nothing and something
Empty and full
Everything is when I say so
No, when I think so 
Wait -- no, when I feel so

Could desire be the father...

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Categories: prose, meaningful, metaphor, mirror, self,

King of Peace
My body is a mirror, a vessel plated with crushed diamonds--in the autumn whenever an aspen tree enters through my bedroom window, I try to...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, autumn, gender, happiness,

Love Came Searching
Man is mortal, a mere worm,
A mist that appears quickly then vanish.
Like a flower that flourishes,
And very soon its beauty withers,
Then its place remembers it...

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Categories: christian, god, life, love,

My thoughts undulate like not seas
MY thoughts  undulate like not seas,
In depth sway lovely images at ease,
They come with shallow fancies without end,
And swing with shadows slowly increase,
Love crumbles...

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Categories: prose, poetry,

Have you ever checked your face in the mirror?
Whom you used to play soccer together 
Excitement from the huge and vibrant kites in the sky!...

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© Tuwa Noor  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, peace,

Premium Member Poet
What use am I to the world
I sometimes sit and wonder
The mirror shows me an old lady,
drained at last of her thunder.
Do I simply breath...

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Categories: prose, poetry, poets,

Beginning, Middle, End
Chapter 199
When I held the mirror up to my face
I saw beauty.
Not the kind that could start wars,
But the kind that could end them.
"I'm beautiful,"...

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Categories: prose, abuse, anger, angst, anti

Telegram from Eris
When The Silence Speaks a Little Too Loud 
You gaze upon your blackened Moon 
Wishing upon fading stars

He burnt down timeless bridges 
For their...

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Categories: prose, break up, emotions, loneliness,

Pen Paper Couple- 4th Anniversary Special Poem
They call my style old boring art 
But please tell me what they know about me? 
When I say “slam” everybody looks at me and...

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Categories: prose, art, career, dream, poetry,

What is Beyond
Beyond the fabric of space;
Beyond black holes secrets;
Well hidden in the wall of stars;
Lay a realm of mystery.

Abiding there, perhaps a god,
Perhaps angels, perhaps not.

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Categories: image, imagery, imagination, philosophy,