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Faith Prose Poems

These Faith Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Faith. These are the best examples of Prose Faith poems written by international poets.

Keep Believing

Over and over again,
Time and time again,
Attempt after attempt
Was made to change the
very essence of me, and there
we're too many times that even I
doubted me...

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Categories: prose, confidence, faith,

We Are
We were all not passed into this world and life through our very own bottoms. 

We have only one Creator, GOD, or, "(G)ood (O)rderly (D)irection"...

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Categories: prose, adventure, allah, angel, angst,

Good Morning
Good morning - (H) (O) (W) are you today? 

Ther is nothing better than remaining (H)onest, (O)pen-minded and (W)illingly willful. 

Everyone and everything lives far...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, beautiful, care, dedication,

The Honest And Open-minded and Willingly Willfull Point Of View Continuing
I am not the sum of my very own regret, I am my very, gratitude for all of them - when I continue to allow...

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Categories: prose, faith, fate, forgiveness, freedom,

The Effort Continuing
I find this very curious: "When a person speaks of unity with our Creator, and with all of life, including with and for themselves continuing...

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Categories: prose, art, care, christian, community,

Premium Member The Innocence of Love of Self

Dwelling in the court
of the inner-sanctum
of contemplation,

sage mind of jurisprudence
charged my heart
with abject neglect;

not of cherished others,
but of myself:
collectively, me and I.

It is written that

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Categories: prose, 8th grade, appreciation, faith,

The Poet
Can one know the name of the poet?
I think not.
For they themselves are unsure as to
their true identity.
For they are the painter, the storyteller,
the linguist,...

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Categories: appreciation, confusion, creation, faith,

Premium Member Raja
He came to live with us at the age of 9 weeks in 2003 March 
Besides absolute cuteness and pure innocence,
He also brought immeasurable joy...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, dog, faith, forgiveness,

Premium Member Preta's Slumber Tiime
Day was beginning
Preta had to hurry
Floating casually
Landing delicately
Landing on her favorite cottonwood leaf

She surveyed the meadow
Bunnies hopping to pink clover
Drone of grasshoppers fed her ears

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Categories: prose, fairy,

The Law Part 2

Direction, in deed.
Badges, sacraments, war, union, they all are offshoots of
what in belief we. IN-Operational reciprocity, inverse, are like chemical components in reaction to say...

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Categories: art, birth,

Premium Member Hell's Hospitality
The sun cries for us, its heat fades away
snowflakes sprinkle round its orbit, yet go unmelted
it feels like evening, but its yet noon
time never changes...

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Categories: prose, africa, anger, corruption, culture,

A tribute to Heather
"A Tribute to Heather "
It all started 38 years ago
December 11 
An angel was sent from heaven 
From the time she came out the womb

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Categories: prose, age, death, death of

baby your my soul
your my gold
 you like the wind blow
you won't fold
thing s get rough
or very tough
love what say and do

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Categories: prose, adventure, appreciation,

Black Sheep
Some call them the black sheep,
you know those folk who venture forth, 
down the roads that others fear to tread.

Ridicule and disdain is their lot...

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Categories: appreciation, people, perspective, poems,

Premium Member Running Through Hell

Like procrastination, stagnation
and its constipated nature is like
a high hurdle before the finish line—
a pregnant thief waiting to trounce you.

Life’s like a race running through...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Sky: My Response To Your Diagnosis
(Written With Mariangela Canzi)

Initially, we felt abandoned
in blinding sun
but you are strong solid
like a radiant full moon.

Your hands remain warm...

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Categories: prose, poetry,


If anyone happens to mention evolution,
It could never ever be to the exclusion,
Of any faith worldwide, only to the inclusion
For all of...

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Categories: earth, heaven, humanity,

Heart of a Rainbow
There’s someone with a pure heart 
so sky beautiful   ...   starlight celestial
Dressed in white clouds;
dove wind bleats the sound of an...

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Categories: prose, allegory, death, life, rain,



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Categories: prose, blessing, creation, faith, poetry,

Premium Member Know yourself
I wonder from all the seasons,
which one is me?

How do nature's elements
define my identity?

When clouds reflect judgement,
it does not matter what they think,
I do not...

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Categories: prose, analogy, seasons, spiritual,