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Emo Prose Poems

These Emo Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Emo. These are the best examples of Prose Emo poems written by international poets.

Two Fires of Different Colors
i once again in my life am trapped
couldn't break through
but either way it's lose-lose
myself, or you

for a moment in my life i wanted all of...

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Categories: prose, deep, depression, emo, lost

Eat At My Insides
Can't sleep
Bad dreams
Keep me 
For life 
For love 
Starved of 
what I’m needing 
Cant know 
Wont know 
What i thirst 

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Categories: prose, emo, emotions, life, longing,

I'm Fine
"I'm fine..."

Is what I'll say
My head is clouded
Never know what's happening around me
Is my face
Is the world
Is this feeling
How I see everything
Has no meaning
You say...

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Categories: prose, emo, identity, introspection, life,

Magnified Dawn
Through the initial magnified eye of vital dawn, 
Pierced that long powderkeg wick underneath;
Mercilessly flammable, the combustible dusts candle flamed, 
Ran anguish on path with...

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Categories: prose, age, earth, emo, good

The Crush
Atop an inverted pyramid
A seismic shift in brain chemistry takes place
Channelling all mojo into a spiralling funnel
Bottom of it a mirage of an alluring treat

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© Piyo Ross  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chocolate, crush, emo, feelings,

JUST ONE MORE cut i'll be "fine" If I cut deep enough i'll loose my "LIFE"... Wishful thinking.... I don't want to cry tonight....On the...

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Categories: prose, anxiety, conflict, corruption, death

Brightest One
This is how I look at the stars: with a heartbeat I look closely, my soul basks in every tiny light that is so far...

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© Nicola An  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: august, destiny, dream, emo,

Starched tears stream, crust
over like a spoiled sweet on 
pink cheeks, flushed,
from suffocated time,
gasping for air,
I shatter at his words like brittle rust,
crushed to dust,...

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Categories: prose, abuse, addiction, anxiety, emo,

Not everything in life
Makes sense to us
But if we take the time
To step back and look
At things with a clear mind
And a positive attitude
We can...

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Categories: deep, emo,

Wooden Hearts By Lauren Kramer
I love the smell of fresh cut wood. Did you know that? I bet you didn’t know.
Why would you?
You never asked.
Wooden hearts dangling over a...

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Categories: prose, beauty, break up, emo,

Jaclyn said we were idle.
Idling was all we could do.
Alone, unsupervised.
I was supposed to be, tried so hard to be, keeping it in, suppressing my...

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Categories: prose, angst, cry, dark, depression,

Drifting Through Life
I saw him as he grew up; I watched him as he aged. As he changed and shifted, being molded by the hands of time....

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Categories: angst, dark, emo, loneliness,

A troubled vanity
Of unseen clarity

A guide into the afterlife
Desperation in empty eyes
Seen through a misty mirror

Gone from mind
But viewed in soul
An incorrigible darkness

Present in the...

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Categories: analogy, beauty, corruption, emo,

this day i will say
I was the lords way
bring us together
it for the better
how we met face to faces

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Categories: prose, adventure, emo,

Thread of Hope
As all I’d ever termed wondrous bliss unexpectedly died -
As my fantasy of a reality with destruction did collide -
My hopes shattered around me like...

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© Aya Salah  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, beautiful, change, color, conflict,

Suicide Note - A Prose -
The razor blade held to his wrist shows pain, 
mourning, and anything else. 
You see, he just wants someone to understand him,
care for him, and...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, conflict, cry,

They say the sun shines on the skin of a goddess her hair dark filled with flowers and her skin of silk,
When you see her...

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, allah,

Something about that emo kid
Dear make-up-wearing-emo-kid,

I hope you're having fun. I hope your life is good.
I wish you well, but I'm curious, do you wish the
same for me? I...

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Categories: prose, angst, loss, sadcare, me,

Living My Name
In your presence, I suddenly rediscovered my name

It was hidden under the cloak of foolish pride

A self contained the mirage that dulled my perception of...

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© David Ella  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, allegory, emo, emotions, loneliness,