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Boy Prose Poems

These Boy Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Boy. These are the best examples of Prose Boy poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Exuberance at the Seventh Grade Dance
With wild exuberance the new boy
Danced his way across the gym floor.
It was the seventh grade dance; no other guys were moving.
They were mostly staring...

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Categories: prose, 6th grade, 7th grade,


They still don't find me
savvy enough
to be respected
as aged sir ...
I haven't been serious...

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Categories: prose, allusion, analogy, poetry,

Father's Dislike
Father's Dislike
American hero, a man my father would ing hate, was a real golden ball boy. Olympic athlete, he saw and did it all. Jessie...

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Categories: prose, conflict, history, war,

Premium Member Leroy Was Clearly an Illusion
The mental illness team arrived at the same conclusion
I was clearly insane, Leroy was merely a delusion.
The young boy and I pensively stared at each...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,


                  Standing, thinking without thinking of anything ...

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Categories: prose, allusion, art, dance, joy,

Premium Member A story of shadows
Every story has a plot, has some turning points, some twists, some turns and some interesting differences in points of view. This story is no...

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Categories: write,

Premium Member Time
Time just flew by so very fast
I just blinked and now a quarter of my life is gone
I blinked again and oh boy now it...

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Categories: life,

Time's up Jet
How often the old dog had heard that said, at the end of a good walk?  ‘ OK we’ve had fun now it’s time...

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Categories: dog, fantasy,

A Boy In Heat
Young Boy in Heat

I remember when I was a kid
Maybe twelve or thirteen years old
Just on the edge of pubescence and
Becoming aware of my own...

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Categories: prose, confusion, desire, feelings, sexy,

the weather is right
walking at night
big city b'way light
in country town
its hiways sound
theyer moving along
 its   not wrong
oh boy
love this

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Categories: prose, adventure, celebration,


This is a story of an old couple who had no children of their own.
One day while the old woman was washing clothes at a...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Daddys Lament
Write a Lament  is what they say So I’m going to tell you about the saddest day. 
It was summertime with parades in the...

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Categories: childhood, courage, death, devotion,




The woman I loved  most
did not...

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Categories: prose, art, creation, funny, humorous,

Premium Member Let Your Imagination Take Flight
Dear budding poet, 

Modern poetry is an evolutionary process. A poet never really stops growing and learning. Even the most seasoned of poets can discover...

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Categories: encouraging, inspirational, meaningful,

Spindleshanks Ain't No Legend
Spindleshanks Ain't No Legend...

But sits here donned in his foreign
aged (not so lovely) bag of bones
barely functioning surviving, but by
skin off his teeth, (which explains

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Categories: prose, 6th grade, 7th grade,


A young boy in a desert trailer,
wishes inspiration will fall in him,
pitter, patter, like raindrops,
transforming into keytaps,
on the ancient yellow-screened word processor
that was his father's...

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Categories: prose, childhood,

My Growing Up
Title: My growing up (episode one)

I was born to a native parents 
I guess my mum was a woman of substance
Papa is so good 

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Categories: prose, africa, art, growth,

Premium Member A Conversation
(Seen. Heard.) 

Two mice walk into a bar...

"Hey barkeep (a tomcat), whiskey, neat, and one for my pal." (First mouse - Leo) "Geezy weezy did...

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Categories: funny,

At First
On the warm wet day in december
I look back at my life and remember
How it was in days gone by
Everyone i loved taken and still...

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Categories: cry, death, depression, emotions,

it was so cold
i say this bold
with my arms fold
and oh boy
i have

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Categories: prose, humorous,