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Beautiful Prayer Poems

These Beautiful Prayer poems are examples of Prayer poems about Beautiful. These are the best examples of Prayer Beautiful poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Puzzling

As puzzling as it may seem,
Here in this life
There are hopes that scream
Beyond the strife,
Through the darkness, a theme
Joy larger-than-life

Puzzling like real life riddles
Pouring out...

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Categories: prayer, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Premium Member I Agree - Amen

I agree – Amen
This is the way to give
Back to those who believe
With faith and hope, love that is
Like a light, reflecting His peace

I agree...

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Categories: prayer, blessing, christian, faith, hope,

Premium Member a prayer
I don't pray
but I do for her
it's all that's left
and she believes
so since 
there's something left
in me 
that wants to pray
I ask 
everything that's
happened to...

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Categories: prayer,

Mother Moon Rose
Hail Mary
Full of Grace
The Lord is with thee
Blessed ar thou among women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb
Holy Mary Mother of God
Pray for our...

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Categories: prayer, angel, beautiful, christian, devotion,

Hell no I don't wanna go to Hell
This sinner here --Michelle--
learned at St. Peter Chanel
there's no point to rebel
Life without God is Hell

Not just a state of mind
also an afterlife confined
to weep,...

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Categories: prayer, desire, forgiveness, future, heaven,

Premium Member Still Life

Still life
hearts and souls
the spirit
singing love songs
into ears
who hear
on melting

Waltz Wave
This form was created on Jun.13, 2020, and named for Leo Waltz, the Web...

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Categories: prayer, beautiful, emotions, heart, life,

Most beautiful child she is like a paradise fairy
Now wounded and hospitalized in Adana City 
Belonged ‘anonymous’ tag she in intensive care
Heart cries much though...

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Categories: baby, girl, prayer,

Premium Member Finding Peace
Peace~oh peace where do you hide,                                    where...

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Categories: prayer, cheer up, freedom, joy,

Premium Member How Do You Feel

Dancing in the silence,
Like a prayer – tranquility
Soothing away my doubts,
Erasing my tears, hushing my fears
Where only love’s embrace
Inspires, stirs the gentle grace
That colors my...

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Categories: prayer, appreciation, celebration, encouraging, faith,

Premium Member A healing prayer
This poem came to me suddenly, as I was meditating on a friend who was very sick with cancer and I discovered that it can...

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Categories: prayer, beauty, celebration, courage, encouraging,

Premium Member Finding Answers
Beautiful, joy and a smile
Silencing every doubt, every fear
With a tenderness that erases
Every tear

Heartfelt inspiration, hues of grace
Stirring the spirit to dance, 
To breathe through...

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Categories: prayer, christian, hope, inspirational, jesus,

Premium Member Always A PRAYER FOR MINE BELOVED part 2

Blessed our the New Sabbath
Grand and beautiful the heart of God is
He gives
Giving’s all that’s His
All we have to do is thank Him beforehand and...

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Categories: prayer, analogy, appreciation, how i

Premium Member He Shines

Light is the breathless spray
Scattering the darkness,
Drenching the spirit with joy
Misting the heart in hope
Applying love to the soul who
Knows that this light, the light

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Categories: prayer, christian, faith, inspirational, jesus,

Premium Member Love Will Stay
There was a moment, not so long ago
When my heart was rusty, 
Tarnished by the darkness of pain,
Eroded by the doubt, the dread,
Fear that erased...

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Categories: prayer, christian, faith, hope, inspirational,

Premium Member Kings Request Mysteries ReadsDaily
Though I
        speak with the tongue
          of men and...

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Categories: prayer, adventure, beautiful, blessing, books,