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Sympathy Political Verse Poems

These Sympathy Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Sympathy. These are the best examples of Political Verse Sympathy poems written by international poets.

Premium Member EarthLife Eulogy
As climate pathology peaks
toward climax conditions

LeftBrain privileged blindness
and deafness,
replacing savoring,

Absence of green
and sea salty blue
bereft of internal robust feelings
and external wellbeing touch
drop unhealthily
unwealthily away
from enabling...

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Categories: earth day, health, integrity,

Premium Member Feminist Integrity's NonScarcity
I can experience integrity of time
and dissonance of not enough
and too much
but cannot find
refine a line
anxiety and anticipation

Win ego-healthy center
to win-ecosystemic wealth sufficiency
divesting of a...

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Categories: beauty, destiny, earth day,

Premium Member Ego's Healing Witness
at its positive
liberal Blue best,
and yet regrets
mere tolerance of win/lose aggressive Others
not so entirely dissociated
from all-inclusive retributive justice

Social monoculturing 
patriarchal systems
capable, on our best days,

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Categories: health,

Premium Member Sympathy Isn't Quite Empathy
To affirm and promote acceptance
of one another
and all together one
is to also affirm and promote
growing capacity for active empathy,
not settling for passive,
sometimes also ToughLove aggressive,


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Categories: anxiety, earth, earth day,

Premium Member Dancing Meditations
and health therapists,
and educators,
speak of an embodied
and teachable "CORE."

We need,
on bad days,
and want,
on better days,

To exercise,
fill and empty,
and open
our empowering MindBody Core,

With healthy, resilient outcomes...

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Categories: health, peace, philosophy, religion,

Premium Member Pandemic Nerves
Not wanting to make anyone nervous,
pandemics can be unsettling enough
without economic and political surprises,
inconvenient systemic insights,
more expansive circles of empathy
positively impressing 
more than negative deep

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Categories: health, integrity, judgement, peace,

Premium Member Love You Messages
When the StraightWhite Patriarchal President
sent out his Praise and Thanks Message
"We love you"
to those who would cathartically enjoy beheading
VicePresident St. Peter's Pence 
hates homophobic St....

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Categories: health, love, peace, political,

Premium Member Revolutionary Para-Dimes
A difference between compassion and sympathy,

between co-empathic passion
and unilateral YangPatriarchal-empathic, 
ego-empowering intent,

Compassion matures passion FOR
into shared passion WITH.

This same emergent fluidity
cannot be said of sympathy

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Categories: age, creation, earth, health,

Progeny Of Adam -1-

We are Adam's progeny,
But we separate ourselves from each other.
We are no more our brother's keeper;
Like Cain, we are diabolical.

Xenophobia feasts on our heart;
No sympathy...

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Categories: africa, anxiety, black african

Premium Member The Little Children are Crying
The Little Children are Crying
Of recent sad occurrence—
At the southern border of the USA
In prescribed DHS detention centers,
Little refugee children are crying
For their mothers...

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Categories: america, anger, angst, discrimination,

My Nascent Poetic Tribute To Black History Month mini chap book 2
though I yam Caucasian,
   tis rightful to honor that most bitter
racist genocidal crime
   nonetheless ovation qua

   quintessential significant contribution

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Categories: 12th grade, america, emotions,