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Political Political Verse Poems

These Political Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Political. These are the best examples of Political Verse Political poems written by international poets.

Premium Member RePurposing Anger
At last,
we are angry with each other
which may be a coincidence,
but probably not;

Depending on active faith 
in linear cause-effect relationships,
leftbrain dominant yang powers,

circular dipolar co-arising

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Categories: health, integrity, passion, political,

Your Orders from the Captain General of Eurasia
To the Mighty Eurasian Troops, I see,
Thus, listen to your Capitan-Generals Who commands thee,
I, your Capitan-General wants to speaks,
Keep in mind that Civilizations run but...

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Categories: america, freedom, international, military,

Premium Member Theoretical Experiences
Theological theories
attempt to explain religious experience.

Philosophical belief systems
attempt to respond to consciousness
of internal egocenters
and external ecosystems
in prime NonZero Summary relationship
of co-arising emergence.

Ecological correlations
are systems of...

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Categories: health, integrity, nature, political,

Premium Member Steadfastly Unsure
I remain unsure
of how to reliably
and yet autonomously distinguish
between contemplative leisure
and contempt provoking laziness.

I remain unsure
why Eastern metaphysicians,
spiritual/natural nondualistic teachers
continue to describe
ego as not only...

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Categories: green, health, humanity, humor,

Premium Member Doors to Power Perception
Sogyal Rinpoche
tells a Doors to Perception story.

Positive and negative feeling individuals
bear witness to a river.

Those more goddess-like
see this river as great
beautifully resonant
musically harmonic
multiculturally rich,
a transporter...

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Categories: earth, health, pollution, power,

Premium Member I Feel Misguided
It feels misguided,
yet I do not feel misled,
to aspire to fame, measured in assets
and/or in power to influence others,
capital and social benefits
possibly acquiring famous
and infamous...

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Categories: creation, culture, health, humanity,

Premium Member I Wonder If
I might have once lived
on a planet
in an actively green multiculture
of Holistic-Organic Nature/Spirits

Green spiritual ecofeminist climate activists
were at least equal to natural red-blooded 

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Categories: earth day, environment, green,

Premium Member Bad Might Also Be Good, Someday
But probably not today
will positive neurological compassion
express without win/lose capitalistic traces
of intent,
expecting only win/win cooperative discussion
and deliberation
and bicameral discernment,
these eco-politcally empowering hopes
and dreams
and non-violent communication...

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Categories: happiness, health, passion, peace,

My Intervention
Please, Mr. Civil Leader, rule my life
I don’t know how to take care of myself
Limit my offspring, choose my wife
Write me a pamphlet explaining my...

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Categories: anger,

Premium Member Revolutionary Para-Dimes
A difference between compassion and sympathy,

between co-empathic passion
and unilateral YangPatriarchal-empathic, 
ego-empowering intent,

Compassion matures passion FOR
into shared passion WITH.

This same emergent fluidity
cannot be said of sympathy

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Categories: age, creation, earth, health,

Premium Member Ancient Winter Writers
Approaching winter...

OK, maybe encroaching mid-winter
of life's seasonal span
with resonantly compelling grace,
perhaps even transparent vulnerability,
feels controversial, 
too laissez-faire

Too much courage
in declaring preliminary success
with too little curiosity

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Categories: age, earth, environment, health,

Premium Member My Esteemed Teacher
My esteemed Rinpoche
repeatedly impresses upon me
Our humane democratic vocation
to become an enlightened individual.

Which sounds like a monoculturing lot,
for absorbent 
co-acclimating residents and guests
of Earth's cooperative...

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Categories: art, culture, health, integrity,

Premium Member Quoting Einstein
I wonder if Einstein's moral aphorisms,
observations about healthy inclusive values,
concern about dominant cultural confusion
between positive humane energy
and anthro-supremacist mass,

If these spacetime thought experiments
could be quoted...

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Categories: health, integrity, math, peace,

Premium Member Great Transitions
Great transitions became part of human experience
after we gave up on daily nomad lifestyle,
perhaps too bohemian
to have ever actually existed
out of nutritional nurturing choice

As contrasted...

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Categories: appreciation, earth, health, moving

Premium Member EcoFeminist Blues
how dominant or repressed,
predative or victimized,
winner or loser,
positive or negative,
show up in so many paradigms
of light,

And/Or predetermined
prejudicial shadow
too bipolar--

Not enough dipolar both/and
cause/effective co-arising nuanced circles

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Categories: culture, earth, health, integrity,