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Missing Political Verse Poems

These Missing Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Missing. These are the best examples of Political Verse Missing poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Nothing Is Not Lost
Hear unsilenced hope here,
Nothing is not lost.

Hopelessness is the enemy
of justice.

Music resounds appositionally
against fear.

Anthems rise solidarity
within eco-righteous anger.

Praise conserves liberal motion.

Emotion co-arises dipolar cognitive/affective passions.


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Categories: anger, faith, fear, health,

Mowed Down Field Day With Redacted Mueller Report
Attorney General William
Barr black marker in hand
kept promise to censor vital
details of Mueller Report
swift as Usain Bolt candidly,
grandly, lustrously, roundly

youthfully blocked out more
rapid than an...

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Categories: anger, animal, freedom, humorous,

Premium Member The Bird Feeder
not often enough,
I stop my morning routine
to watch the feeding drama breathe feathered flurries in and out,
and under,
my side-yard bird feeder

Outside my kitchen windows

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Categories: bird, community, earth, humanity,


AOC, AOC,sitting on limbs of a dead
green tree,
Shooting innocent cows so merrily!
They must go, this socialist screams!
Deaf to God's creatures painful moos 
and cries,
As their carcasses...

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Categories: america, inspiration,

Premium Member Wounded Passions
Starting this unSabbath day
unusually seduced by full-color compassion,
with some competing-for-time distractions
in more sadly usual role recessions,
raises weak-day wellness questions
with healthy answering co-passion,
responsive responses more resiliently...

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Categories: earth, education, health, integrity,

Premium Member Operating Instructions
The most important fact about Spaceship Earth,
An instruction manual didn't come with it.
     Buckminster Fuller

A more significant historical fact about giving...

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Categories: health, integrity, love, peace,

Premium Member Green Indigenous Revolution
Dear Green Party, International

I suppose we don't actually have an international Green Party,
or even much of a national Green Party in the U.S.
where our religious...

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Categories: green, health, humor, integrity,

Premium Member Liberal Operatic Lovers
What cooperative evidence
could we final climate find
for WinWin cooperation lovers
including LeftBrain secular humanities
inviting no more or less valueflow
than RightBrain WiseElder root-branch dipolar etchings
neurologically ancient bipolar...

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Categories: environment, happiness, health, heart,

Premium Member MathGeek Passions
Healthy nutrition research
starts with wealth producing past searches,
individual through community co-investments
in good and fragrant meals,
or even harmonic and graceful music with dance performances.

Ingesting healthy passions...

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Categories: culture, health, humanity, humor,

The eyes are wet, the boss is curry,
Today is tis, tomorrow is tat
O' pay in tis, I buy in tat

The eyes are wet, the boss...

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Categories: africa, betrayal, corruption, culture,

Premium Member Delivered From Demands
My ego,
devoid of outside voices
songs and sacred dances,

Missing outdoor ecoschools 
sponsored by GreenFaith Communities
studying outside multicultural EcoFaith Cooperatives
supported by EcoVillage Guilds 
and WiseElder Councils
with health-wealth...

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Categories: caregiving, health, integrity, peace,

In your overall, dynamism, it swept through you as you spelled the words in mind,
every other vowl spewed something wise,
nothing transmorphed so you tried,
and again...

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Categories: analogy, atheist, change, dance,

Premium Member My Thing Is
My thing is,
Yang dear,
is much RNA-green older
than mammalian red-DNA Yang.

seniority breeds long-term nutritious merit,
I remember this history lesson
from your creation by fairy tale,
how WinWin Paradise...

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Categories: color, earth, health, history,

Premium Member Paradise ReForested
Seeds, like mentors, are germinators.
Generation wears two faces,
as does development,
positive and negative,
regeneration and degeneration.

Some seeds are healthier than others.
Some are positively deviant, robust,
and others are...

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Categories: art, creation, earth day,

Premium Member Cooperative Powers
Power to condemn others, and oneself,
is weaker than power to help others, as oneself.

Power to destroy others, and oneself,
is lesser than power to regenerate others,...

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Categories: anger, culture, earth, fear,

The Art of the Con
Listen to the chumps,
listen to the rubes,
screaming that democracy
is going down the tubes

But every wise guy knows
when the fix is in
To put all their money...

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Categories: corruption, parody, political, satire,

Premium Member To NotNot Saint Hillary Elect
If you run into first smart 1970s feminist to become President Elect Hillary,
please relay this message,
if you would remain so kind
and thoughtful of our regenerative...

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Categories: caregiving, culture, health, humanity,