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Donald Trump Political Verse Poems

These Donald Trump Political Verse poems are examples of poetry about Donald Trump Political Verse. These are the best examples of Political Verse Donald Trump poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Two Cents Worth
Lest I be guilty of grossest negligence
I feel like I must put in my own two cents
As I watch and evaluate strong evidence
We owe a...

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Categories: perspective, political, tribute,

Premium Member When CoEmpathic
When I feel compassion
with my positive needs
for love

When I feel compassion
for my fears
negative fortress wants
to overpower perceived threats
against my egocentric compromises
with ruthless capitalism,
soulless patriarchalism,
strategic genocide,

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Categories: health, humor, integrity, passion,

Premium Member Healthy Compassion Parties
I am deeply concerned,
that We The Humane Healthy People
need to calmly
and firmly say:

The Republican NATIONAL Party
no longer supports:
Public Health,
Mental/Spiritual Health,
Planetary Climate Health,
Cognitive/Emotive Integrity
Resilient Economic Wealth

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Categories: caregiving, health, integrity, peace,

Premium Member Seeking Salvation
sometimes lightly lyrical,
slyly satirical,
and anthro-chosen folk
yet personally
individually woke,
and sometimes full embodied
passions in Praise Him!
shout out

Echo in-
voking round resonance
with all Earth's eternal 
regenerating lively
lovely resilience.


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Categories: earth, health, integrity, passion,

Premium Member Ruler Over Rulers


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Categories: america,

Premium Member Certify the guy
Forget transition, just certify, "with dangerous to others" he's qualified. Donald Trump you know it's true, this is what Congress needs to do, and they'll...

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Categories: 1st grade,

Premium Member Inside v Outside Strategies
When Donald Trump
ran against very Presidential Obama,
that he did not look
or sound like a win/win public sector leader,
or even commit to expanding healthy democracy,
worked well...

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Categories: america, bullying, business, health,

Premium Member ExtraCultural Events
Our problem
with restoring healthy democratic justice
is that we don't all have anthropocentric constitutions.

Yes sweety,
but back here in my real world
more co-inhabited inside by people
than outside...

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Categories: bullying, business, community, health,

Premium Member The SelfInvested Boss
Straight from the New York Times,
The Macho Appeal of Donald Trump:
We saw him being a boss

A take charge kinda' narcissistic guy;
just the kind of win/lose...

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Categories: business, caregiving, health, integrity,

Premium Member LeftBrain Avatar
LeftBrain thinking,
not an avatar
of compassionately feeling
emergent healing systems,

Chilly baptismal waters
of equanimity
do not typically suggest a warm bath
in multicultural
and global

Is it possible,
to carry gifts of resonant...

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Categories: anti bullying, anxiety, appreciation,

Premium Member QAnon Poison
Panic mongers, hate mongers,
                  traffickers in groupthink. 

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Categories: angst, anxiety, culture, evil,

Premium Member Can't Wait for the Election
Can't wait for the election this year!
    With Joe Biden -- What office am 
    I running from, I...

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Categories: perspective, political, satire,

Jihad Donald Trump Style
The glory of America, 
now heats up
with agitation poised 
to strike on the brink
sans legislation incites humiliation,
which goads desecration
as fete accompli chink
in armor of...

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Categories: 12th grade, anger, freedom,

Tears on Mother Liberty
Tears on Mother Liberty

Plutocracy the society they created through the Trump towers, now they regret it Like Iraq having no democracy.

Theocracy seems Like the answer...

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Categories: america, black african american,

Premium Member Trump's Intake Interview
you've reached the EcoTherapist Cooperative.
How can we help you
without bringing harm to Others?

That's a question I've never thought about.
I'm calling for the National Republican Party.

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Categories: america, caregiving, earth day,