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Dog Political Verse Poems

These Dog Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Political Verse Dog poems written by international poets.

Premium Member I Got the DTistic Blues
When his prime time antagonist
was only "Fake News CNN" profitess
I hoped he might merely be a narcissist,
cynical about social health valuists
for articulating inclusive
historically accurate
real world...

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Categories: caregiving, health, integrity, peace,

Premium Member Tolerating LeftBrain Dominance
A healthy distance for tolerating LeftBrain dominance
is to recognize our global incarnation
into RightWing intolerant prominence
as dogma of a strictly white hetero-male privileged unkind.

A distance between...

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Categories: anti bullying, appreciation, health,

What Gets My Goat By Noah Kidding
What Gets My Goat - By Noah Kidding

Though I shy away from drink,
an unexpected case
of DT's finds this ace
of spades (also known as the spadille)

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Categories: america, anger, discrimination, games,

Premium Member Enabling Questions
Do those fully enabled,
Do those powerfully SuperElite viral
hoard water, land,
energy, educational resources
needed for WinWin revolutionary thrival?
I asked this landscaping class
of young adults
with diverse-languaged/unlanguaged disabilities.

I learn...

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Categories: earth, green, health, humanity,

Premium Member HellFire On Earth
Dear Donald John
and GoodFaith Followers,
ProActive Prayers for Rapturous Redemption
from Eternal Hellish
Left EgoVoices anger and fear
Right SpiritFeelings ecodarkly terrified
from and of dying death.

Your LeftBrain does not...

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Categories: appreciation, bullying, caregiving, games,

Premium Member For Political Story Tellers
Dear journalists,
investigative reporters,
and supporters
of strong and free

When elective office candidates,
from dog-catcher
through UN CEO,
claim to champion freedom,
far more than all other candidates
competitively left non-elite behind,

Please ask,

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Categories: caregiving, freedom, health, humor,

Premium Member Before With After
Bill Plotkin's indigenously wild
adolescent Red South
lies co-arisingly inclusive
with Green WiseElder North.

This speaks to me
of Western responsible adults
who behaved preGreat Transitionally
more Bemused Colonizing Lovers
of extractive deductions

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Categories: caregiving, earth, green, health,

Premium Member Lady Liberty Speaks
It should be harder,
and perhaps it could,
to not be known
and recognized
and to not find icons of and for gratitude
throughout my everyday.

The forbidden fruit
of Trees for...

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Categories: freedom, health, humor, integrity,

Premium Member Cooperative Starts
Who wants to join a sacred cooperative
with both divine and humane purpose,
secular meanings
with organic liturgical rites
of seasonal passage?

who would not
should ego's veil descend
like commodified energy's...

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Categories: caregiving, earth, health, integrity,

Premium Member The Coop
The People's Coop
is a warm inviting place,
for some
a reading and meditation
and arts practice and performance space,
for others
a place to ride sleek bicycles
with self-and-other improvement book...

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Categories: change, earth, gospel, health,

Premium Member UnStuck Adolescence
It might be said of adolescence,
This is a stage demanding economic authority,
autonomous freedom to invest and disinvest,
without yet accepting concomitant political responsibilities,
to family
to community
to children

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Categories: culture, gender, health, integrity,

Premium Member HiStory Times
Once upon an evolving time
we were a great first nation,
or second nation,
depending on your historical perspective,
but definitely not a third nation
although some cooperative economists
thought we...

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Categories: community, health, history, humor,

Premium Member Tiptoe
Tiptoe, tiptoe, what they say is not what they say it is . . . 

Cameras rolling, take one, action! 
“How stupid can you be?...

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Categories: political, power, presidents day,

Dog Face
Youth becoming fast the grownup.
 Courage with all the emotions.
 Holding fast to lay down cowardice.
 Creeps into all at times beaten.
 Guns battering chaos...

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Categories: war,

TRUMP: Persistently Steamy Poetry
By: Moji Agha -- June 24, 2016 -- Tucson, Arizona

Last dusk at a small Tucson park,
my 3-year-old dear friend, Rafi,
insisted unhesitatingly on imitating, 
no, actually...

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, earth, funny,