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Conflict Political Verse Poems

These Conflict Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Conflict. These are the best examples of Political Verse Conflict poems written by international poets.

Premium Member What I Deserve
The personal is political and I take the political quite personal

and please do not get me wrong because I am not one to moan

for only...

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Categories: judgement,

Premium Member StoryMaking
Story telling
seems good and sufficient therapy
for those who feel not so patient
with inefficiencies of story making.

RightWing dominant telling
yelling allows remarkable capital stagnation
v fluidity
of set-back
v rapidly

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Categories: caregiving, destiny, health, history,

Premium Member Privileged Choice ValentineVoice
My problems
include discomfort
with Money overwhelmingly talks
and talks
and talks political privilege 

When not monopolistically
monoculturally screaming
about short-term survival issues,
international violation 
of national resource systemic tissues,
long root ego-systemic...

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Categories: change, conflict, health, joy,

Premium Member Systemic Equity, Anyone
To the victors go the spoils, or so they say
  It's a rarity when losers have their way
Though the Democrat-fueled Mueller investigation

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Categories: america, character, conflict, irony,

Premium Member Restoring EarthHealth
"America's health care system
is neither healthy,
nor a system."
Walter Cronkite

An organic system,
an interdependent co-governing web
of relationships between communicating subsystems,

To be resilient,
to remain robust,
must be win/win cooperative...

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Categories: caregiving, community, conflict, earth,

Premium Member Proud
He’s a Proud Boy
a strong boy
Convinced he’s
fighting for Freedom

He’s a weak boy
an angry boy
Who needs
someone to need him

The Proud Boys accept him
bad boys forming a...

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Categories: abuse, america, angst, conflict,

Premium Member Dear Nationalist RePublicans
I'm worried
you have over valued
your favorite deceptively entertaining 
dis-eased commodity,

DisInformation's strategic value
and disvalue
and misvalue
depreciatively revaluated
against long-term resonant
and resilient democratic constitutional
win/win eco-political wealth
of USA patriotic empowerment

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Categories: bullying, conflict, health, integrity,

Premium Member A Healthier Patriotism
My own patriotic U.S. extended family,
and currently
remains StraightWhiteMale privileged
in our collective memories,
if not imaginations,
of spiritual communion
with all the more privileged saints
and future

But, we have also...

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Categories: games, gospel, health, passion,

Premium Member Politics, Politics, Politics
Politics, politics, politics
why can't we get alone
tittle-tattle, tittle-tattle, tittle-tattle
is all I hear it is so near and can kill
who suffers from this fuss
nothing but dust...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, break up,

Premium Member Be aware of the vultures
The lying sewer rats have revealed themselves once again
a tale has surfaced without credit but begs to be king
this plague and disease has taken away...

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Categories: abortion, abuse, conflict, deep,

Rampant police brutality against United States citizens of color first round
Agony, grief and particularly anger
roil these lovely bones
life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness
exempts those graced with darker skin tones.

Rather than raucously riot,
I craft emotions courtesy...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Killing Old People

The Government is dipping
into Social Security now.
That's the reason why
the New York Governor Cuomo
put virus victims in old folk's homes
instead of putting them...

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Categories: abortion, abuse, anger, baby,

Premium Member Powers of Compassion
Most Republicans I've had the admittedly too infrequent pleasure
of listening to
assume financial wealth
is a greater public responsibility 
and opportunity
than very much secondary social wealth
of healthy...

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Categories: conflict, health, integrity, peace,

Premium Member Anger Management
I'm rereading Marshall Rosenberg's chapter on Anger,
The big challenge for nonviolent communicators.

Marshall, a StraightWhiteMale psychotherapist,
repeatedly refers to feeling disappointment
escalating into Loser-shamed anger
sometimes further escalating into...

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Categories: anger, community, conflict, family,

Reclusive rhymester ruminates
Alone within emotional wilderness
(mine) biding leisure time
January 19th, 2020
without reason nor rhyme,
yet woke with sublime

pained acute awareness,
how once prime
merrily rightful autochthonous occupants
their land stole equivalent...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,