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Allah Political Verse Poems

These Allah Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Allah. These are the best examples of Political Verse Allah poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Effective Feedback
Who would want a thermostat
unable to effectively regulate talking to itself?

We all long for recreative environmental response systems
of mutual listening wonder,
sacredly transcending mere domination of...

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Categories: anti bullying, health, integrity,

Premium Member Seen But Not Heard
I remain stuck
and struck
by children to be seen behaving
but preferably not heard
regardless of behavior,

But especially not heard criticizing their WiseElders
or, probably worse, mimicking them;
although some...

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Categories: caregiving, childhood, earth, education,

Premium Member Dear Republicans for God and Country
Thanks for your letter
asking for a free Taoist consult
on how to bring God talk
and experience
back into our Big Agri-MilitantIndustrialized Busyness Schools
and possibly our extended family...

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Categories: caregiving, education, happiness, health,

Premium Member Taliban Parents
How wrong could I be
were I to assume
most Taliban leaders
in Afghanistan
have aging parents?

Especially mothers,
as it is not specifically healthy
to be a male in such a...

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Categories: health, integrity, mental illness,

Premium Member Degrees of Insanity
Is it more insane
to long to grow away from prisons
than to feel we still belong imprisoned?

Are we already prisoners,
lacking images for liberties
and co-arising responsibilities,
of a...

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Categories: allah, faith, god, health,

Premium Member No One Heals Alone
All is quiet
as I exit through the Emergency Entrance
at the local hospital.

I notice a black T-shirt
with a pink ribbon logo
announcing in bold green script
"No one...

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Categories: anger, earth, fear, health,

Premium Member PostMillennial Patriots
To be a true and pure and faithful evangelically zealous fundamentalist,
whether of good faith religions
or bad faith hatreds of other cultures and races and genders,...

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Categories: beauty, integrity, parents, passion,

Premium Member Of Two Minds
Iain McGilchrist,
neurological psychologist,
builds on previous findings of Edward De Bono
and Julian Jaynes.
Human nature is bicamerally structured
for cerebral and appositional specialization,
inclusive and sacred empathies from Elder...

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Categories: allah, earth, god, hate,

Premium Member Haunted by Wonder
I have become haunted by therapeutic wonder,
within wonder,
surrounded by Wonder,
made of Wonder
these past few days
and traumatically troubling nights.

I have also become terrorized by vindication,
vindictive Win/Lose...

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Categories: earth, education, health, integrity,

Premium Member AbNormalOriginals
Setting aside richly incorporated through homeless economies,
we have three political ways
to compare a population's internal status:
a. Aboriginal populations,
b. Immigrants--sometimes appearing as multiculturing creolic waves,
c. EmPowered...

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Categories: betrayal, christian, health, humanity,

Premium Member Manic Depressive Climates
Depression is like dying
without hope this process will end well,
without remediation
at least not for my closely held ego-identity,
and despair 
this turning inward
creates a cocoon by...

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Categories: beauty, culture, depression, health,

Premium Member Suicide bomber
Salman Abedi 
every member of your family support unit 
They should be deported and expelled 
The mosque in where he learned his satanic verses 

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Categories: abortion, allah, bible, conflict,

Premium Member In This Taoist's View
Could we be doing our best
to invest in Earth's cooperative health markets?
While you sell our most competitive killing machines
to our Saudi Arabian cousins.

Referencing this touchstone...

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Categories: destiny, earth, fear, hate,

Premium Member Alternative Facts with Feelings
I guess it never was
The way I thought it was
I say this only just because
You never came to love
I guess it wasn't so
Guess that's how...

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Categories: culture, earth day, happiness,

Premium Member God as Brown as an Egg
If God is EggWhite
then Tao is His embryonic EarthYolk.

Why would you say such a confusing and silly thing?

What is the difference between a Paradise Tree...

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Categories: earth, god, health, history,

Premium Member Running Away From Hibernating Ren
Why is it
as I watch The International CEO Actor
unilaterally Ordering disinvestment
in both domestic and Earth's cooperative-organic health,
I feel cold harsh January snowblow storms?

Dismaying cold
calling me...

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Categories: culture, earth, future, health,

Premium Member Healthy Politics, and Sex, and Religion
I hope I know what is healthy sex,
in an experiential kind of way,
in a biblical swell of stay,
and I can imagine a world with healthier,

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Categories: health, humor, philosophy, political,