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Science Personification Poems

These Science Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Science. These are the best examples of Personification Science poems written by international poets.

I am a Book of awesome delight 
Bringing you to heaven’s flight
Beyond science-celestial height
Thru faith’s clearest sight.

Full of stories, simply great
Exposing you to each virtuous...

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Categories: appreciation, bible, christian, faith,

Premium Member Science Lesson From a Mayfly
Damselflies are dainty, they are wisest of the wise.
Dragonflies a bit dumpy, much bigger than you and I.
I am a three-tailed Mayfly, so I am...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member No Secrets
Wall hears, sees; absorbs all;
Take care with your secrets; 
the walls have their own way of gossiping; 
don’t think you can just leave and keep...

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Categories: environment, image, imagery, imagination,


Longevity dreamers don’t wanna
deal with me
I’m short straw bad for good health
Liquidators that are paid handsomely
to handle the hazard,
don’t quite make it home safely
after coming...

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Categories: cancer, dark, death, science,

Premium Member Cosmic Shake-up in 2006

		So sorry, Pluto! You cannot be deemed
		“ninth planet” anymore because there’s been
		a redefining that eliminates
		you from the list of planets. Since you’re kin

		to the remaining...

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Categories: change, planet, science,

Premium Member I'm Traveling Light
I have a flash for you ...

Think you can hang with me??
I doubt it ... I keep a pretty quick pace, if you know what...

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Categories: light, science,

The Mother Of Hundred Billion

I am the mother of hundred billion,
Now dumb and ears shut,
Orphaned by my own children,
For whom I bequeathed myself,
I am the Goddess of creation,
The creator...

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Categories: earth,

The Multiverse Theory
“She began her journey in the search of truth,
Stumbled upon a thought that changed her in entirety,
Drunk at 4AM, driving at 125Km/h she saw a...

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Categories: absence, adventure, light, longing,

Premium Member Discard Flat Packs Have Faith
Discard Flat Packs Have Faith

There is a God of the Universe parallel that is and I call 
her freedom ‘Come into my space’ she seems...

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Categories: god, universe,

Powers of heaven
Shaken. 		Gates brought down
Deify. Defy urbanely
Programming genetically
Sub sonic sounds
Domestic mirage of liberty

Homeland invasion - Counter-intelligence

Conducted on our own nation
On us.
Claiming they must
In defense...

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Categories: god, hyperbole, political, religious,

Science and Man's Destiny
The knowledge I have given man
empowers him 
to chart his own destiny
Will it be for his betterment
or his detriment
I can only wait and see...

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Categories: future, life, science, technology,

Life of an Atom
Day in and day out, white coated lab rats try chopping me into smaller and smaller pieces as if I was no more significant than...

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Categories: angst, science,

Personification of science
Like a mother of many faces 
Many countenances 
Changing through the ages
What is written is important but more important is the yet unfilled pages

Her hands...

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Categories: personification, science,

We are a faint star cluster
A mere wisp of evening cloud
A glimpse into ancient history

Our distance cannot be fathomed
By your feeble, mortal minds
We may be...

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Categories: science,

Premium Member gravity
 As a helium balloon  floated up in the sky  one day
Gravity told him he'd soon be  coming  down
The balloon ...

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Categories: science,

Premium Member A Sonnet for Science
Science, you’re a cool, efficient fellow.
Your counterpart, Humanities, is free
to simply feel, while you, with need to KNOW,
stir brightest minds with curiosity!

You show us God-like...

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Categories: science, universe,

Premium Member Alchemy love-gods' dream

I saw alchemy love gods in the hierarchy,
Testosterone that regulates sexual desire.
Phenyl ethylamine makes a person catchy,
Its effect is time-bound but not entire.

A love interest...

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Categories: dream, fantasy,

Premium Member I Am
I am your god
You worship at my altar
Yet I offer you no salvation
My glassed fingers
Boiling liquid answers
Hypothesis's inconsistencies

I promise 
I entice
Stretching minds to new possibilities

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Categories: science,

The Cold Side
When you sleep, it’s almost as if you were 
alive, trailing down the pathways of your 
subconscious like a sluggish tourist 
without a camera. Like...

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Categories: dream

The Waters
The waters on earth
And in its depth 
Flow through 
The nerves of the Nature
Cleansing our dirt
Appeasing our thirst 
Fructifying our harvest  
As tears of...

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Categories: spiritual,