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Mountains Personification Poems

These Mountains Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Mountains. These are the best examples of Personification Mountains poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Spirit of The Singing Waters
Spirit of The Singing Waters

Do you hear her in the forest
there within the winding creek?
If you listen to the water
you will surely hear her speak.

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Categories: beauty, environment, imagery, metaphor,

Don't Blow Said The Trailblazer
Some people like to live on the edge or hang on a ledge. Not me.
I'm just Daniel, a trailblazer forging ahead, making a pathway for...

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Categories: anger, god, mountains, natural

The Hike
High mountains fell with the crumples, 
Back from The rumble 
That dark cave: 
before the lad had journeyed 
To the hill, mountains high
From hanging on...

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Categories: identity, imagination, journey,

The Three Islands Sleep
The Three Islands Sleep!

Sleep, sleep, the islands asleep!
Sleep while the winds blow on her face,
On her trees, and on her mountains and hills,
Sleep when the...

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Categories: change, community, corruption, environment,



I walk not alone at night,
the stars my companions,
guide me to my destination.

The moon illuminates my path, 
lights where I place my...

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Categories: journey, nature,

When God called you
Decisions you have made
Selfless and sacrificing
No thought of consequence
Done for love

It was a heavy price you paid
Broken in unmatchable pieces
You made it your burden
Although God...

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Categories: cry, death, hurt, i

Premium Member Snowy Mountain Scene
I am a snowy mountain painting scene
I also have a cabin on the land
People look to escape in beauty seen

A painter made me with delicate...

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Categories: art, beauty, mountains,

Premium Member I'm A Happy Whale
I'm A Happy Whale

I am a whale
keeper of the sea
so mighty and huge
I swim to great lengths
from the arctic sea
to Hawaii in the winter
... I...

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Categories: beauty, imagination, nature, paradise,

African Talisman
Down the steep mountains and into the slopes, 
Darting divine etched twixt duration and existence,
There run the graceful gazelles and fiery antelopes,  
Until their...

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Categories: animal, beautiful, black african

Premium Member The Woodland
Deeper still the Woodland calls me
Further yet, she lures, enthralls me
Hapless I, with charms she hauls me
To her unknown hinterlands.
Up, I see the forest giants

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Categories: bird, imagery, mountains, nature,

African body
Her skin color looking like a highlighted shade 
Of the African brown soil
Her hair looked like a leafless tree
Its roots floating onto the naked ocean...

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Categories: beauty, body, nature,

Heavy heart
With a heavy heart we pray
Please keep death away
The skies are all grey
Does it matter what we say

God only takes the best
And guides them to...

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Categories: cry, death, faith, hurt,

Conversations with the mountain
In the night 
I go to the mountains
To sleep,to forget the past
The mountain does not trust
I swear he thinks i'm a rebel 
Life is hard...

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Categories: africa,

The mountains of brown covered with green carpet of trees,
When they nod their heads I feel  cool winds and breeze,
Every time I ask them...

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Categories: beauty, celebration, green, joy,

Poetry River run free
Quietness upon the face,
Silence and loneliness,
Land before time,
Before living things existed, 
Sadness as my waters ran through the earth,
Was my voice the only thing to...

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Categories: poems,

The Voice of the Susquehanna
The word of the Lord spoke,
And from the depths, the mountains awoke.
Water burst forth, and the ground was torn.
It was then that I was born.


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Categories: men, nature,

Charlotte Sweet Charlotte
Charlotte Sweet Charlotte
You are quiet tonight
You can still see the stars from your streets
A city so charming
And filled with delight
This southerner sure can compete

Unlike other...

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Categories: community, football, mountains, places,

The TorturedCuckcoo
The Tortured Cuckoo

Delivered-bewildered and confused, onto a foliage. No direction from those empowered to parent so  weak a fledgling.   Clawed and pecked...

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Categories: character, childhood, conflict, confusion,

Society's unbreakable cycle
Society’s unbreakable cycle -Vongai Mupetesi
Ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing
Do not deceived! Their smiles are cunning.
Innocent seeming forms, yet truly malicious
Bruise the most, and to the...

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Categories: bullying, community, corruption,

I am not from lancaster
I am not from Lancaster ain't no tumbleweed rollin through my backyard or brain.  when those beautiful snow capped mountains show up in the...

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Categories: adventure, fantasy, feelings,