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Faith Pastoral Poems

These Faith Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Faith. These are the best examples of Pastoral Faith poems written by international poets.

Kingdom of Heaven
Kingdom of Heaven

For there is but one that holds the key
with only one gate of entrance
so that the thief shall not enter
and when his sheep...

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Categories: christian, faith, gospel, inspirational

Can I Give Thanks
Can I give thanks, unto God above
Who is my Saviour, my God, my love
My Saviour true, my Saviour sure
Who washed my sins, and made me...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, desire, devotion,

Miracle River
The Jordan River in Israel is remembered;
As the river where miracles occurred.
Joshua lead by God almighty was instructed;
To put the ark of the covenant in...

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Categories: baptism, christian, faith, god,

Denominational Unity
From the time of Pentecost to now;
People have formed many denominations.

Searching for truths that are sound doctrine;
Denominations were formed due to dissensions.

God is the Father....

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Categories: baptism, bible, blessing, christian,

The Real Christmas Tree
From the 3rd heaven where God's throne Resides;
Revealed In the 2nd heaven's universal lights
by a guiding star shining brightly.

Came forth God as human, Jesus Christ;

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Categories: christian, christmas, faith, god,

If God Isn't
If there is no God and he is not existent
How does creation remain so consistent
The Sun rising in the east and setting in the west

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Categories: analogy, bible, character, creation,

Sin Inequity Definition
The definition of "Sin" in four words. 
"Thou shalt not hate."

You don't agree? Simply put in Exodus chapter 20 and Deuteronomy chapter 5 you have...

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Categories: anti bullying, caregiving, faith,

How Lovely Are The Feet
How lovely are the feet of them, 
the pillars of strength, and stance of him,
the hands, the smile and face of him, 
who brings to...

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Categories: faith, gospel, inspiration,

Torn Vestments
Upon swollen knees 
        beg mercy... please! 

surely hail showers 
     dirty deeds 

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Categories: devotion, faith, religion,

Urim Ubiquity

Perchance to take nocturnal flight,
where would wayfaring dreams land?
With the toss of a godly lot,
one’s fate is always seraphim certain
The place of destiny divine
remains a...

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Categories: allusion, spiritual, visionary, wisdom,

Thummim Transcendence

Perchance to take a daydream repose,
where would the wandering mind settle down?
With the casting of a godly lot,
the cherubim outcome is shone skyward bound
A place...

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Categories: allusion, spiritual, visionary, wisdom,

On Second Thought
   On second thought, I've changed my mind,
We do nothing for ourselves but waste time.
   Day after day, week...

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Categories: destiny, devotion, faith, fate,

My Saviour

When life is just too hard to handle. I turn to You Lord.
When the debts pile higher than the sky, I turn to You...

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Categories: bible, christian, faith,

In your golden wonder we daily dwell. 
In the words of life and that said let there be. 
From them do we manifest when we...

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Categories: adventure, baptism, bible, christian,

Praying in the Name of Jesus
(A Prophetic Poem from the Holy Spirit)

When you pray in My Name there is hope!
There is peace!
There is joy unspeakable!
Did you know that when you...

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Categories: bible, blessing, gospel, jesus,

What do the heavenly eyes gaze upon?
A squall hurdles
 As silence, descend to rain
her temple doors rattle
Winds dim her temple lights,
Amid the thunder a vista...

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Categories: bible, christian, encouraging, god,

Hope is a description of an expectation of both tangible and imaginative things.
Hope brings  me joy because i am comforted that things will be...

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Categories: america, anxiety, best friend,

Prayerful Praise
 The Clementine gifts in 2009
Were symbolic
Of something alcoholic

Could be from the 'Grapes of Laugh'
Or maybe fermented from a bitter past-
Heaven knows

But one thing is clear

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Categories: christian, faith,

I Will Love and Trust in the Lord
I will love and trust in the Lord

I will love and trust in the Lord
You wear a crown of thorns that sears,
that wipes away sins...

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Categories: faith,

Premium Member Our Father in Heaven

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Categories: blessing, faith, god, prayer,