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Allusion Pastoral Poems

These Allusion Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Allusion. These are the best examples of Pastoral Allusion poems written by international poets.

Eternal life is immortally forever lived, only to see things forever to give, only love for life to be positive. The lost of love ones,...

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Categories: absence, abuse, allusion, anger,

Premium Member Perhaps I Was in Heaven
The trees were as cathedrals,
Twas a temple of a kind—
A place one seeks redemption,
And others peace-of-mind.

And I was surely born again
Within that sacred wood—
Where sentinels,...

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Categories: allusion, devotion, inspiration, mystery,

Plucked flower once clumsily graced a girls curls,
Now crushed in the wake of her ascending swirls,
Comfort be gone as bees holds dust for another,
Swarms of...

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Categories: adventure, allusion, cheer up,

Would you still be mine
Would you still be mine?
Remembering me for a little time,
Transformed by the world we once owned 
To a future realm.

Would you still be mine?
Even just...

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Categories: allusion, bereavement, eulogy, hope,

The Second Chance
Opportunity twist and twirl in a dance,
Blank shadows mimicking each movement,
Giving the moment an elusive chance
To embrace the renaissance for fulfillment.

Time turning the sentiments of...

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Categories: allusion, conflict, fear, hope,

My heart is overwhelmed with the burden of what is to come.
Death or life non can declare,
For our hands are tight in that which we...

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Categories: adventure, africa, age, allegory,

In a glamour looks she made her way through the aisle.
Making the feet to dazzle the soil for the joy that lays in her heart.

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Categories: abortion, abuse, adventure, africa,

The Night's Response
Oh, how I love the way the cold light flows
from above on a downward stroke 
painting the sky in hues of fire and rain.
The ephemeral...

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Categories: allusion, dark, stars,

Urim Ubiquity

Perchance to take nocturnal flight,
where would wayfaring dreams land?
With the toss of a godly lot,
one’s fate is always seraphim certain
The place of destiny divine
remains a...

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Categories: allusion, spiritual, visionary, wisdom,

Thummim Transcendence

Perchance to take a daydream repose,
where would the wandering mind settle down?
With the casting of a godly lot,
the cherubim outcome is shone skyward bound
A place...

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Categories: allusion, spiritual, visionary, wisdom,

Premium Member PRETTY PASTOR

A man over come with to much wisdom
Shuns  the balances of God
Such highmindedness
To much wisdom, pride, in his decisions
So concited and in flesh

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Categories: abuse, addiction, allusion, appreciation,


Just remember when lightness become darken
Remember when sunrise set to sunset
Remember when breakfast suddenly turns to super
Remember when dawn become night
Just remember thy ages are...

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Categories: allusion,


When does socialization become sexualization?
When does socialization become sabotaging?

Socialization isn't sexualization
Socialization isn't sabotaging
Saboteur isn't a socialist
Socialization isn't sacrilege 
A socialist isn't a sacrosanct
Socialism isn't sadism

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Categories: abortion, absence, allusion,


With shed of eyes
Tears in heart
Thinking at track
Future in thought
Enemies on lines
Destiny at race
And surely we believe
Destiny will prevail

©® 8/11/17. ™™™™#YoungWriter™™™™...

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Categories: allusion,

Monsoon Evening
The evening descends amid sudden steam,

that threatens to trample the dingy sheds.

The clock tower bells four o’clock,

and the acquiesce of the frogs.

Over the white-picketed fence,


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Categories: allusion, life, places, rain,

NBA Finals Prayer
NBA Finals Prayer

Lord, blesseth thine Warriors
And treateth not thine Fans 
with a such a Cavalier attitude.

Thy restoreth our soles.
Thy quickeneth and brusheth off our feet...

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Categories: allusion, basketball, bible, celebrity,

The morning
It is a quiet day of the atmosphere, 
staying at the position of the universe, 
covering of the cloud, sun, moon & star.
Thundering like as...

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Categories: absence, adventure, africa, age,