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Allegory Pastoral Poems

These Allegory Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Allegory. These are the best examples of Pastoral Allegory poems written by international poets.

Search for the Hidden Spark
The old man stood;elbows resting on the old stone wall
Wistfully he gazed over the snow laden field,
Watching the sheep nibble on bales of hay,
He thought...

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Categories: pastoral, age, allegory, imagery, loss,

My heart is overwhelmed with the burden of what is to come.
Death or life non can declare,
For our hands are tight in that which we...

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Categories: adventure, africa, age, allegory,

In the dead of night,
I heard the cry of agony;
A shrill cry it was, 
But a faint cry,
As of a heart fainting of strength.

It oozed...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, animal, bereavement,

So when he slowly descended from the hill,
with sun providing him with a blinding halo,
the other ascended and regarded him in awe.
"May I introduce myself?...

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Categories: adventure, allegory, funny, romantic,

Beautiful Human
Our own beautiful perfection

Covered in a mist, by day and night.

Hiding from sight, the beautiful human,

Exist in partly dark, and partly light.

The personalities that character...

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Categories: allegory, beauty, emotions, growth,

The Beautiful Heart
We cringe with the icy cold
Wind blowing away the foggy cloud,
Drifting off into the tearful sleep
At noon and at night illusions keep,
Hearts wrapped with chimeric...

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Categories: allegory, anxiety, beautiful, devotion,

Afloat I am, 
The blind horizon spreads to no end.
O river of rivers, 
The queen river,
Flow as you wish, 
Gather silt forever
That on your shores...

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Categories: allegory, beauty, fishing, mythology,

La avispa
Érase una tarde
que atravesaba
yo el patio de mi tía.
En cada esquina
de la casa había un
tanque curado con
cemento usado para
almacenar el agua
que venía por canaletas.
Deteniéndome yo...

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Categories: allegory,

The Orphan
Abundances is not a promise to everyone,
Live with joy today and love someone. 
Do you know the places we shall go?
When we are not sure...

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Categories: allegory, bereavement, destiny, emotions,

Was Jesus a Listener or a Talker
Was Jesus a Listener or a Talker? 
Once upon a time, mouth and ears were in a great debate, of who was the most import...

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Categories: allegory, bible, blessing, body,

gone ashore
Gone Ashore Sonnet
 I have sailed on many seas
 they have various colours and smell,
but being indoors looking out
it got a bit boring as well.

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Categories: allegory, art, bereavement, fishing,

It touched me soft 
As a brush strokes 
The hairs of my head
Soothed, then smoothed
To a straightened end

A gentle, tranquil sensation
I'd never...

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Categories: allegory, christian, god, heaven,

The Devils Deal


Just simply to
Walk right threw
With sincere devotion
Pay homage to...

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Categories: adventure, allegory, death, faith,

a perfect painting
Perfect painting 

An azure, sinless sky
a whisper of white clouds
 and a yellow sun.

The canvas was big
but the painter got bored
walked home.

It rained in the...

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Categories: allegory,

The Un Churched

Represented by the Gentile
Doe's that description fit of You?
Would you give your tithes'

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Categories: allegory, confusion, devotion, faith,

Un Be Friended By The Enemy


Some-time's We live our life
We strive to proceed
Within-in the Body of Christ
But, When it's time to
Say our AMEN
Here come's...

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Categories: allegory, confusion, death, devotion,

Quip's IV At The Rapture
I was searching for my EX-Girlfriend for three(03) day's.  She just disappeared in to thin air in the blink of an eye..... I searched...

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Categories: allegory, funny, introspection, life,

Tears Tell God
just behind my eye's
under my eye lids
sometimes tinkle
two tears
armed and fully loaded
ready at any notice
to spring forth
and fall out

one soldier for
each eye
a voluntary army
set to

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Categories: allegory