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Funny Nonsense Poems

These Funny Nonsense poems are examples of Nonsense poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Nonsense Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Sprightly Sprites One Two Three
one witty Wibblesnow wobbling along

two terrible Tillymows tutting their tongue

three thin Thiggleheads throwing some spoons

four furry Fillimots flying in balloons

five feathered Foulies fumbling a dance


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Categories: nonsense, crazy, fairy, fantasy, fun,

Premium Member A Huge Tiny Creature
deep in the jungle 
of a desert lowland
lived a huge tiny creature 
the size of his hand

his mouth was just like 
a mountain ravine
with a...

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Categories: nonsense, character, crazy, fun, funny,

Premium Member A Fairly Scary Ghostly Host
a creak, an eek and eery melt
in darkness subtle shimmer felt
berroling, droom in shadow dealt
tip-tipping softly shooming out 

a ghost that leaked and trickled through

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Categories: fun, nonsense, scary,

Premium Member The Donkey Set The Table
the donkey set the table
but the table set was wonky

when the crane brought the game
and the mice brought the dice

the horses cooked the food
and the...

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Categories: crazy, funny, games, nonsense,

Premium Member The Ravenous Witch
the ravenous witch
famished with greed
tummied and toothed
in scoops could she eat

pickles and pockles
and piggy trough trays
gorging, gullooging
and munching for days

she went picking parcels
and morsels of...

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Categories: fun, funny, humorous, nonsense,

Premium Member Darn Owl Not Barn Owl
I swallowed an owl
I didn’t mean too

it flew in when my mouth was open
as I stood admiring a flowery garden
its feathers tickled making me cough


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Categories: nonsense, bird, fun, funny, humorous,

Premium Member Packedy-Pack I'm Packing
I went on holiday
so I thought I’d pack
I put in my head
I’d be needing that

I packed my arm
because where’s the harm

so too my toes 

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Categories: nonsense, fun, funny, holiday, humorous,

Premium Member Jeff The Three-Legged Worm
Jeff the three-legged worm
they weren’t his legs
but legs that he’d found
from old bits of twig
just scattered around
he once saw a centipede
who laughed and made fun

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Categories: nonsense, anti bullying, anxiety, fun,

Premium Member The Overgrown Track
There's an overgrown track
partially hoggled and hooned
where a wizened old hagglefud
made spells and priffoond
a great many years ago
but still no-one dares
to tronk up the track

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Categories: nonsense, fear, fun, funny, humorous,

Premium Member At At
there is a place at at at
it is by by by
which is near near near
not too far from from from
you can get there via via...

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Categories: fun, holiday, humorous, nonsense,

Premium Member The Smoorsgord Beast
the snoring of a smoorsgord beast
is louder than a drunken feast

he flaps his lips like shivering cold
his nostrils wide like rabbit holes

his mouth can fit...

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Categories: fun, funny, humorous, nonsense,

Premium Member Gulp! What Did You Swallow?
ahurr ahurr ahurr
“I swallowed a cricketer”
he shouted with a cough
but, we asked, in a joking scoff
“do you not mean a cricket?”
then to our amazement
and in...

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Categories: fun, humorous, nonsense, silly,

Premium Member A Party Like No Other
The time was a quarter past half past to twelve
on the second from last day at the beginning of the month
in the year twenty-twenty-soon, and...

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Categories: nonsense, crazy, fun, funny, happy,

Premium Member They Live In Shining Holes
they live in shining holes, but who?
shining holes where creatures live
    and here, truth 

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Categories: fantasy, fun, humorous, nonsense,

Premium Member That Witch Counting Her Spells
that witch counting her spells
counted two hundred and twelvety-nine
of those, onety-one and a bit didn’t work
sixteenty-three, from family, passed down
and eleventeen were fine, the rest

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Categories: nonsense, fantasy, fun, humorous, magic,

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