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Next Time Around Poems

Next Time Around Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of next time around poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for next time around.

New Poems

Wouldn't Bother You If You Weren't Carrying Gold
There's a fine line between fortune and fame 
I was riding with the Devil till my horse went lame 
I was all alone till loneliness came 
The Count of Monte Cristo must have felt the same 
Now I walk the...Read More
Categories: next time around, conflict, destiny, farewell, fate, grave, sorrow, truth,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member Pick Her Up When She Cries
Pick her up when she cries, one said.
Never pick her up, said another. You will spoil her.
Love her, said grandma.
When do I pick her up? The young mother asked.
Three times a day, one answered.
Don’t ever pick her up, another...Read More
Categories: next time around, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
My Next Time Around
My next time round will be different for me
I won’t question what good there is to see
And try not to be misunderstood 
Not wondering if I can or should

There will be more rainbows to make me smile
And I know that...Read More
Categories: next time around, death, life,
Form: Ballad
Keep swinging
Swing batter batter swing
Keep swinging no matter what life's curve balls may bring
The bases are loaded and the heat is on
Make a choice to take a chance before the opportunity is gone
We hit high fly balls and low ones that...Read More
Categories: next time around, encouraging,
Form: Rhyme
Repeating Themes
Repeating Themes

I guess maybe I am tired
of repeating the same themes.
But I must, if I’m ever
going to overcome them.

My patience is not there.
In my mind, the more often
that I go through something
the faster I have to overcome
it the next time...Read More
Categories: next time around, christian,
Form: Prose Poetry

Beautiful Disaster
Cause you see no one gets how hard it is to fix back into shape when you’re broken,
I think it’s just mathematically, scientifically impossible to get the pieces back perfect,
Because in the process some pieces may have been lost,
Lost and...Read More
Categories: next time around, addiction, betrayal, break up, cry, heartbroken, love
Form: Free verse
One word to describe an endless lifetime
The sweetest thing, the sweetest taste and the worst thing to be taken away
One solid moment, a product of slow motion; fireworks cascade, decorate the sky
Never could a small moment make someone feel more...Read More
Categories: next time around, happiness, happy, heart, drug,
Form: Free verse
It's About
Its about what i did wrong
What i could have done different
Its about thinking was i even good enough to begin with
its my minds thoughts to a tragedy of my own
Could i have been better
I guess now i will never know
I...Read More
Categories: next time around, birth, forgiveness, grief, life, moving on, my
Form: Blank verse

Looking at it now
Life isn’t simple.
We do make mistakes
Every now and then
We’re the great sinners.

We can’t undo
What has been done.
Need to avoid
Next time around.

We’re sinners!
Not a saint.
Need to learn…

From our 


																																																																									...Read More
Categories: next time around, life,
Form: Diminished Hexaverse
Nature held a Beauty Pageant
Guess who was crowned a crest? 
A flowery green meadow was the stage and rostrum
Watch who won the contest.

Well, the peacock from India was crowned beauty King
The bird of paradise from New Guinea became Beauty queen.

And...Read More
Categories: next time around, animal, appreciation, beauty, creation,
Form: Tazkira
A Dunce To Lovers Lying Ways
I need an act of heroism
To defeat the terrorism
That's been in my world and soul
I've been broken, never whole
Torn to shreds by horrid lies
Handed to me by sly guys
Each one took another slice
I willingly fave for a price
A high cost...Read More
Categories: next time around, change, emotions, how i feel, love, love
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The unborn dreams of a fertilization 1942 A long journey A long lived nightmare Part 3
Life on the edge would certainly become a novel,
if I included all the chapters of my life’s journey
from that of an old soul, from pure consciousness
to egg and sperm colliding, to embryo, to fetus,
to that of a baby, a child,...Read More
Categories: next time around, life, universe,
Form: Free verse
the road never ends
the way I knew it
was childlike, pure and crystalline.
It was tear-apart lust, down to the ground
and take what you need and give back too.

Things glowed gold
when I went out.
Actually different, a softness, a gentleness
about them.

Hands in prayer blessed above us
our...Read More
Categories: next time around, absence, age, beautiful, bereavement, boyfriend, change, character,
Form: Ballad
In Torrant Weather
Thanks alot not waiting for me
Getting dressed, it just takes time
I did agree to come and see You
I didn't want to wait in line
Look at You, not at Your best
I have seen You looking better
Why are You here so all...Read More
Categories: next time around, absence, abuse, angst, christian, heaven,
Form: Rhyme
Dark Nights
I hear Laughter mocking the bruises on my face
I see heads shake out of the corner of my eye
As i walk on my the fingers pointing at me
To judge the one they see but do not know
But i laugh
Because they...Read More
Categories: next time around, abuse, betrayal, boyfriend, break up, change, character,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Mother Earth
Mother Earth

An ancient, elegant – once jolly – old Lady,
deserving of so, very much more then
the rape and pillage, the destruction and pollution,
the chemical alterations – poisons,
the theft of, the abuse of
all her innocent, naked, natural beauty.
This old Lady, who...Read More
Categories: next time around, earth day, mother, old, time, life, mother,
Form: Free verse
A Contemplation
There are no truly blue flowers. 
No, not one. 
Hydrangeas or tulips can be green,
an odd color for flowers, I think.
Brown ones are dead. 
Brown and green are the colors of human eyes though,
and blue too, but that’s rare as...Read More
Categories: next time around, introspection, blue,
Form: Prose Poetry
the weight of the world
lies on the shoulders of the
one who fell in love with
a damaged individual who
saw the damage in them &
decided that they could share
their pain & with it,
discover that compassion &
love was possible between
even these two wretches
that...Read More
Categories: next time around, life,
Form: Free verse
A free spirit
I try to stay grounded.
But well-rounded.

Ever searching
But know who I am.	
Never simple
For I love the glam.

Long, brown 
Hair and eyes.	
Winter is my 
Favorite time.

Unlucky in love
But lucky in life.		
Happy where I am
Most of the time. 

Wanderer of cities
Have...Read More
Categories: next time around, happiness,
Form: Bio
Get the Hell Away
Slam the door,
Leave your keys,
You’re a fool
That I love to 
Watch leave;
Ya hurt me once,
Ya hurt me twice,
Will ya turn and make it thrice?;
To leave me lyin’,
To leave me achin’,
To leave my heart that you know is breakin’;
Ima fool for...Read More
Categories: next time around, confusion, depression, me, heart, heart, me,
Form: Rhyme
I Would if I Could
If I could go back to that day
You know in a heartbeat I would
Now all the words you say
Hurt me more than my blades ever could

Like Fric and Frac or Tigger and Pooh
We were together all the time
Even though I...Read More
Categories: next time around, life, loss, sad, teen, words, lost, lost,
Form: Rhyme royal
The Pig's New Toy
The Pig’s New Toy

By Elton Camp

The tiny, rural town so conveniently lay
Right alongside the well-traveled highway

Bubba’s cop salary depends on fines
If not enough, then his pay declines

So he managed to get him a radar gun
He stands behind a post and...Read More
Categories: next time around, funny, life,
Form: Rhyme
My Other Mother
Nothing like Gayle’s homemade chili wafting throughout her home
To make even the hardest heart feel comforted and less alone

I met an earth angel when I was a merely sixteen and a half
Her spirit was as inviting and as contagious as...Read More
Categories: next time around, devotion, friendship, mother, nostalgiaheart, heart, integrity,
Form: Rhyme
Pondering On The Roof Top-

cigarettes bounced up and down 
on our lips, while we spoke
and a murmur of honest words 
hovered around us with the smoke

a late night conversation
addressing all our hopes and dreams
of where we want to be going
and how great it all...Read More
Categories: next time around, lifewords,
Form: Rhyme
No Regrets
There's no need to have regrets about yesterday
You can't even go back and change the other way
Just look forward to tomorrow
Don't hold your head down in sorrow
It's okay, we all make mistakes
Just hold on you have what it takes
Jehovah God...Read More
Categories: next time around, friendship, hope, inspirational, introspection, life, uplifting, god,
Form: Rhyme