Moroccan Poems and Poetry from Morocco

Moroccan poems and poetry from Morocco. Read examples of moroccan poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

My love MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa08/24/2017
Bus Of Hell MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa08/22/2017
Seasonal Color MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa08/18/2017
Let It Be MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa08/18/2017
My Sunflower MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa02/09/2017
The day must die MoroccanMoroccoRochdi, Bouille11/25/2016
Strangled Whispers MoroccanMoroccoRochdi, Bouille11/25/2016
Winter Leaves MoroccanMoroccoRochdi, Bouille11/25/2016
Your eyes MoroccanMoroccoRochdi, Bouille11/19/2016
Chrysanthemum MoroccanMoroccoRochdi, Bouille11/19/2016
Crazy Lines MoroccanMoroccoRochdi, Bouille11/06/2016
Echoes of Solitude MoroccanMoroccoRochdi, Bouille11/06/2016
Grow wings MoroccanMoroccoRochdi, Bouille11/06/2016
Sad Season MoroccanMoroccoRochdi, Bouille11/05/2016
Raise Your Head MoroccanMoroccoRochdi, Bouille11/05/2016
My shed MoroccanMoroccoElaoufir, Yasmine08/01/2016
I'm a pessimist MoroccanMoroccoHana, Anas04/20/2016
The Beautiful Landscape MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa04/05/2016
The Clown MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/16/2016
Where Will They Find You MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/16/2016
I Ignore Where To Go 'Ghazal' MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/16/2016
The Underground Railroad 'Slavery' MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/09/2016
I miss you MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/07/2016
I am a freak, we are all freaks 'poets' MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/07/2016
Black and White MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/06/2016
My Dream is To chase my Dream MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/06/2016
The Opressive Orange MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/04/2016
Poetry MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/04/2016
The Secret Garden MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/03/2016
The Kitten in Blue MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/03/2016
A Lioness in the Lair MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/02/2016
White and Black MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/02/2016
Social Media MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa02/29/2016
The light MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa02/24/2016
My New Blissful World MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa02/24/2016
Top of Ebb MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa02/23/2016
come MoroccanMoroccoELGHARRAS, TAOUFIK01/05/2016
Hollow Feelings MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa11/26/2015
My soul is thirsty MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa11/25/2015
A letter to Fear MoroccanMoroccoBoumhali, Oumayma11/02/2015
The Wingless Gallop MoroccanMoroccoElharrak, Youssef09/02/2015
A Kite Never Dies of Oxygen MoroccanMoroccoElharrak, Youssef09/02/2015
SNOW ANCHOR MoroccanMoroccoElharrak, Youssef07/07/2015
THE WRINKLES MoroccanMoroccoElharrak, Youssef07/07/2015
why do i write MoroccanMoroccoElharrak, Youssef03/25/2015
God MoroccanMoroccoElharrak, Youssef03/05/2015
Trial MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/04/2015
live your life MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/02/2015
conflict MoroccanMoroccoAj, hafssa03/01/2015
I Eye MoroccanMoroccoElharrak, Youssef02/21/2015