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Spiritual Narrative Poems

These Spiritual Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Spiritual. These are the best examples of Narrative Spiritual poems written by international poets.

Lost coin... that was I before...
yet precious and costly am I now in God's sight
Formerly a lost sheep...
but priceless and valuable I have become today

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Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, god,

The Diva
We have an image of God, being the perfect fatherly creator who sits on 
 a golden throne and smiles benignly. I know, its just...

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Categories: spiritual,

Me, God and Hot Tamales
You ever had a day off from work where God placed it upon your heart to go walking with Him? Well, I did just that...

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Categories: blessing, god, peace, silence,

Premium Member Waking in Dubai
The call to the East,
a low deep murmur,
a tune of sombre dulcet tones plays out - non-invasive,
A surreal hum through the air 
as the crescent...

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Categories: morning,

I want to share with you what each letter in the word STAND means to me.

S.T.A.N.D -

The S is for Seek
Seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding....

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Categories: encouraging, god, spoken word,

Don't Let the Bread Get Stale
Don’t let the bread get stale came about when I had this huge crush on my lil sweetheart at work. I began putting snacks in...

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Categories: care, encouraging, god, trust,

Why am I Thankful
Everyday is a Gift from God
Everyday is a day of Thanksgiving

He died so I could live
So I could have a better life
I refuse to waste...

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Categories: appreciation, god, how i

Premium Member Thomas Found The Philosopher's Stone
Thomas was walking through his favorite part of the forest,
where the overturned giant oak tree has been a sitting spot
for him since childhood, the part...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Just Silence and Son Shine
Today in my life I experience quiet, calm and serenity, the silence of peace. I am free, surrounded by NO rings, no telephone ring, no...

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Categories: god, jesus, light, silence,

Welcome to the Pity Party
One night Hurt and I decided to have a Pity Party and 
everybody brought somebody

Hurt brought Bitter
Bitter brought Frustration
Frustration brought Disappointment
Disappointment brought Resentment
Resentment brought Jealousy

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Categories: emotions, fate, joy, sorrow,

Family is Togetherness -
Where there is hardship, struggle and heartbreak - There is Family
Where there is sorrow, tears and disappointment - There is Family
Where there...

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Categories: appreciation, encouraging, family, love,

This One Is Mine, Part II
..Nobody in that neighborhood
knew what happened to those three,
but they all scoffed in disgust
when Neal staggered high down the street.
He had been in and out...

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Categories: corruption, encouraging, forgiveness, religious,

This One Is Mine, Part I
Luisa ran from where she’d stood
at the approach of the crowd,
they wanted no whores on their street,
and had told her so fairly loud.
Some threw metal...

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Categories: corruption, encouraging, forgiveness, religious,

This adventure of faith commenced 
when the Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ 
personally introduced Himself to me;
and such encounter I can never forget.
With compassion, He...

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Categories: adventure, bible, christian, faith,

Premium Member Your Gluteus Maximus

“May I fondle your gluteus maximus milady?”
“Why you certainly may, my good sir”
“A bucket like yours with such voluptuous curves
Starts me tingling and me motor...

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Categories: spiritual,

Premium Member Being Worth Your Salt
Being Worth Your Salt

The Holy Spirit was speaking to me about being worth
my salt; not working my way to Heaven, it has nothing
to do with...

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Categories: analogy, visionary,

The Edge of Time
The stream of life is like flowing waters
constantly moving, passing through
flooded with happiness and sadness 
the essence of living to the edge of time
showering kisses...

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Categories: adventure, birth, death, deep,

The Stench
I woke up this morning with courage over my back and wisdom in my hat
I was determined to put an end to the sneaky kangaroo...

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Categories: america, courage, destiny, encouraging,

S – T – I – L – L
Stop, Think, Imagine, Listen, Learn
Stop to position yourself not to move - Be Still
Think of the thoughts...

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Categories: bible, blessing, dream, god,

I Defy The Clown
I defy the clown that is chasing everyone around
I defy the clown that is closing everything down
I defy the clown and became the biggest talk...

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Categories: angel, appreciation, community, destiny,