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Philosophy Narrative Poems

These Philosophy Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Philosophy. These are the best examples of Narrative Philosophy poems written by international poets.

A lesson
Some of them will move with you..
Some of them move against you...
There will be many faces...

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Categories: art, birth, peace, people,

Some people think that their physical uniqueness,
Means the opposite gender has spiritual weakness,
But men and women can’t be the other’s superior,
Different, is all, which does...

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Categories: life, love, philosophy,


Once I took some colleagues from a British university up to the Acropolis for a tour.
As I was explaining to my guests the history of...

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Categories: death, heaven, life,

Enhanced Techniques

Verbal gymnastics 
twist the real meaning of this barbarous truth
To kill is called to sanction,
deliver the package is black ops captured proof
Approval of torture
moves a...

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Categories: dark, pain, perspective, truth,

Take a journey with our minds and time travel to the past,
With our power of reason we see the way it was quite fast,
The truth...

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Categories: community, faith, inspirational, philosophy,

Old Benson, Part II
...Utterly stunned, Harvey then poured through
the town’s online photographic archives,
the twenties, fifties, eighties and today
revealed to Harvey the very same sight.

Then for some reason that...

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Categories: history, perspective, philosophy, science,

Old Benson, Part I
Harvey grew up in a small Maine town,
due north of Portland, and out of the way,
like most kids he’d go to the school bus
at the...

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Categories: history, perspective, philosophy, science,

Stop procrastinating
We have a proclivity for Procrastination

About what we should do to understand the ramifications

Of exactly what we do and how we live

Within this ecological existence


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Categories: creation, inspirational, nature, perspective,

The Cougar and The Deer
When I was just a little boy
we picnicked under alpine skies,
one time a mule deer strolled out
and fed in the meadow nearby.
Tall, curving antlers rising...

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Categories: age, fear, growing up,

My Day Part 2 continued From Part 1
Continued  From My Day Part1
Just as I thought of it a little old woman stumbled up beside me and greeted me with a funny...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, beauty, blessing,

Pocahontas' First Christmas
In an English Man's arms she was introduced to Christ; the young princess of Aztec.
Under the warmth of his breath she was told the story...

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Categories: america, anniversary, anxiety, best

Premium Member The bookcase
A room without a view, unkempt for many a long year
Dusty aging book slanting within a bookcase
Closet doors creaked, the wide boarded floors moaned as...

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Categories: books, imagination, inspiration, philosophy,


I am writing this masterpiece
Addressing this poem to my old friends
It was like yesterday when we just met
Back to those days of innocence
When we had...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, friend, friendship,

Premium Member Philosophical Maniac
He believes that his life is a big joke;
a play that was written for him before
he was born. Sometimes he prays,
asking God to change his...

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Categories: confusion, god, imagery, life,

Premium Member Father and Mother
Long, long ago, there lived a priest, 
Peter Gilligan by name, in an Irish village
One day, the weary priest had summons
From a destitute parishioner,
Whose husband,...

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Categories: allegory, god, philosophy, religion,

Premium Member The world is a small plane
I have travelled through the cluttered corridors of my tired mind countless times. 
I have reached deep into the dark abyss of my captive soul...

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Categories: appreciation, faith, inspirational, love,

We Get No Respect

	Black people get no respect
And we never will get it,
	if we ain’t got it yet
The white man doesn’t truly consider us a threat,
we’re the best...

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Categories: black african american, philosophy,

Landscapes - Merging with the lilies
The day smelled of light living
Of loud laughs and hearty hugs
The day shined with the rays of a ferocious sun
And seemed to shout at me...

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Categories: appreciation, art, beautiful, how

Premium Member Random Musings
One random time in class,
our teacher asked us what came first;
the chicken or the egg?
We were all divided with our answers until date…..
Today, I ask.

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Categories: humor, imagery, life, metaphor,

Premium Member Tempest

Twin limestone tors thrust up through valley floor
Like islands or icebergs in a calm flat sea
Deep green save where shear rock can hold no spore

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Categories: environment, inspirational, philosophy, places,