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Life Narrative Poems

These Life Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Life. These are the best examples of Narrative Life poems written by international poets.

I Cant Hold Back The Tears
My heart is bleeding and my spirit is burning
Day light breaks and births another day
And I kneel down, and pray for you to come my...

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Categories: anxiety, blessing, body, courage,

Premium Member A Humble Baker
As Passover neared, in the camp* grew a fear           *Nazi WW2 death camp

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Categories: celebration, holocaust, jewish,

The Seconds
The Seconds 


(c) 2019, Anita Lerek
Section 1/4

First Generation - Before the Holocaust 

Lvov, Poland 1930s.  Mother, you were a...

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Categories: bereavement, conflict, death, forgiveness,

Wearing emerald crown, you can form a forest; 
You better know, unity is our strength;
With a signal of green you stand very strong,
You preach all...

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Categories: environment, nature, tree,

Soon Be Done
I woke up this morning feeling quite relaxed 
Even though the night was rough my sleep was enough
I picked up my jug to fetch some...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, confidence, courage,

Her Rosary Beads

I remember the click click jangle jangle of her rummage . Oh 
 what a beautiful mess it was as she plucked out a red...

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Categories: appreciation, mother,

Moderate Debauchery, Part III
...And though I miss Riff playing shows with me,
I can't say that his decision is wrong,
I'll take my best friend however I can,
I need him...

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Categories: addiction, celebrity, endurance, music,

Moderate Debauchery, Part II
...When we heard of his loss we took it hard,
at first it was very hard to believe,
and it made me double my efforts to
moderate my...

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Categories: addiction, celebrity, endurance, music,

Moderate Debauchery, Part I
When I was fifteen my friend 'Riff' and I
started our very own garage band,
and for the first year we truly stank,
but I've always been a...

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Categories: addiction, celebrity, endurance, music,

Shine of Glory
Shine of Glory

God shines His glory
To all of life on earth
His first touch begins
At the very start of birth

There are two specific points
To radiate His...

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Categories: beauty, earth, feelings, god,

The Peak, Part II
...The peak is standing clear above,
scrub trees fading to rock,
But now the sun beats down on me,
so I stop to take stock.

Will I find something...

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Categories: journey, life, metaphor, mountains,

The Peak, Part I
The trailhead stands there before me,
after two hour's drive,
a peak with a panorama
that others call sublime.

I have been meaning to climb it,
test my will and...

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Categories: journey, life, metaphor, mountains,

The 49er Strikes
He'd come west back in forty-nine,
three long years had passed since that time,
and still he mucked 'bout rivers cold,
with pan and shovel, seeking gold.

Fa away...

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Categories: narrative, america, conflict, dark, history,

Proxy Wedding
Sweat is dribbling down my face, I am feeling hot
I can still hear the cracking sound swirling around 
And the night dancing to its own...

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Categories: character, destiny, england, heaven,

Premium Member From Shy to Outspoken
I went from shy to outspoken
I have Trixie to thank for it.
Trixie was everything I wanted to be but was not.
She was loud, proud; self-confidence...

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Categories: change, life, loss,

Premium Member Life Happens For Me Like This
Mr. McDill is a young college student who also works at my school.
He is too busy to run down to headquarters and get a badge...

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Categories: school, teacher,

Premium Member Hello Dear Hello Back Dear
Hello, Dear, I trust the garbage in the road was picked up on Friday.
To add insult to the sweetness,
“I think it amusing there is a...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member Family History
Family History
by Edmund Siejka

A sense of guilt
Made him search the hall closet
Until he found the old cardboard box.
Opening it
He stared 
At a handful of...

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Categories: life,

Guided Meditation Pearl
THE PEARL                 meditation 


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Categories: appreciation, uplifting,

Why Should You Miss Me
Why should you miss me?
When I was there were you aware?
Aware that I exist or was I someone you chose to dis?
Dismiss from your sight...

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Categories: change, death, god, how