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Kids Narrative Poems

These Kids Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Kids. These are the best examples of Narrative Kids poems written by international poets.

I loved the ebon-walk, past the twinkling houses of Christmas,
talking with my grandson- pointing, pondering, spending time.
Much better than spending cash, the ka-ching’s in kin-register.


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Categories: grandchild,

The Strange but True Story of the Lincoln Imp
Down in hell, that stronghold of sin.
strange things stir, but let me begin.
I'll get to the point. Some details I'll skimp.
I tell the tale of...

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Categories: gothic, mystery, places,

Premium Member Great And Treasured Moments
It was a Thanksgiving family get-together, and the
conversation moved from one subject to another. At this
point, the mother, Susan, was with the girls in another...

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Categories: family, thanksgiving,

Premium Member Leaving California

It reminds me of a song that I use to hear
when I was a child so many years ago. The song
spoke of a man traveling...

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Categories: leaving,

Premium Member Aliens of the sixties
back in my day we kids were terrified of the green aliens
giant yellow eyes, long-reaching tentacles and pinching ways.
they sneaked up into our beds and...

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Categories: nostalgia,

Bringing kids into this pathetic world seems like a criminal offense to me.People who are not even eligible for parenthood are giving births every year.It's...

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Categories: abortion, age, baby, birth,

Giant ornaments like tumbleweeds, like eye popping bubbles, boisterously released in London streets. Like giant lightweight bowling balls that cavort out of their lanes. The...

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Categories: christmas,

Jessica's Mother's Hands True Story
Little Jessica was six years old. Her mother walked her to school
everyday and she would pick her up from school and walk her home.

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, love, pain,

Romance As Tragedy, Part II
...First off it seemed that her husband
had no been an abusive man,
just a nebbish actually,
it was clear she had worn the pants.

She’d married him for...

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Categories: betrayal, heartbreak, loss, love,

One Of The Greatest Baseball Heroes
On April 26, 1992 a baby boy was born to parents that did not want him. The parents chose to not abort, instead of terminating...

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Categories: baseball, beautiful, encouraging, inspirational,

Premium Member Marguerite
Tall red and pink-tipped spears reach for the nothing-at-all blue sky, all washed out with sunshine. The tight wrapped buds of the hollyhocks are too...

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Categories: beautiful, childhood, family, flower,

Premium Member Mother Said No

Daddy died at 58 and left a widow of 35 with 11 minor kids.
Daddy's people offered to take some of us and raise us themselves.

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Categories: family, mother,

Premium Member Mama's Blackberry Pies
Apples, cherries, lemons, pears, and peaches.
Perhaps I missed a tree fruit or two, but my
point is that all the above comes from trees.  ...

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Categories: fruit, mother,

Premium Member Loving Jose
Yes, Jose,
this is another love letter
from anthroprivileged me
to LeftBrain dominant you
for multicultural us.

I'm still here
sinking into my deep blue camp chair
with feet resting on a...

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Categories: depression, happiness, health, lonely,

Premium Member Best Day of the Year
Fourth of July was a day that we gathered with our cousins.
Sharing a picnic lunch, eating watermelon and hot dogs.
The adults ate hamburgers, but who...

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Categories: july,