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Jesus Narrative Poems

These Jesus Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Jesus. These are the best examples of Narrative Jesus poems written by international poets.

Lost coin... that was I before...
yet precious and costly am I now in God's sight
Formerly a lost sheep...
but priceless and valuable I have become today

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Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, god,

Where is Jesus
When things go this way
I pray
Oh God come to my aid
Hope fade
Giving up to praise
Whenever Jesus delays.

Drencho POET Loads


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Categories: sorrow,

Premium Member GOD Absolutely Loves Color

Have you ever really contemplated the varieties
of colors in flowers, fish, birds, animals even
the beautiful sunsets in the heaven at times?
Then why...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, christian,

She struggled frantically as she was yanked from the bed
Hauled into the street straight to the temple, no match for her rabble size
With bare foot...

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Categories: angel, character, faith, fate,

Premium Member We Were Not To Travel This Earth Without HIM
We Were Not Meant To Travel This Earth Without Him

When God created Adam and then Eve, they had a marvelous fellowship and a closeness with...

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Categories: bible, christian, trust,

Unicorns and Amazons
chasing in a derby race;
what a noble thing for us to see!

Saint Peter tapping-out the rhythm
whilst old Gabriel leads a tune,
and Saint Francis...

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Categories: faith, family, god, inspirational,

Premium Member God's Tiniest Missionaries, Andy the Man of God
     And, as I began to play the tune, the power of the words from my song, “There is Healing in...

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Categories: christian, health,

Premium Member The Formula To Create Life
If you know of a formula to create life without God, tell me.
The truth is, there is no formula without God.
Even if you think you...

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Categories: angel, appreciation, bible, birth,

Premium Member What Christmas Means To Me
What Christmas Means To Me
By Ruby L. Perry/ 
Christmas is a festival of Expressing the Gratitude of what God has brought to us through...

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Categories: beautiful, bible, birth, black

Lingering Love, Slipping Sanity
Haunted with hope, 
The love forgotten kisses my brain,
In time passing so causing strain,
Thoughts stalking 
And seeking, 
Injecting its venomous tendrils in my neck through...

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Categories: 11th grade, angst, anxiety,

I want to share with you what each letter in the word STAND means to me.

S.T.A.N.D -

The S is for Seek
Seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding....

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Categories: encouraging, god, spoken word,

Don't Let the Bread Get Stale
Don’t let the bread get stale came about when I had this huge crush on my lil sweetheart at work. I began putting snacks in...

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Categories: care, encouraging, god, trust,

You were exceptional, son of Simon,
A Judean among Galileans.
You were beloved, son of Simon,
Dependable. Unfailing. 
You were trustworthy, son of Simon,
How ironic for me to...

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Categories: bereavement, betrayal, bible, corruption,

Premium Member To the GOD of All Creation
To the GOD of all creation: 

First of all PAPA GOD, I ask YOU to forgive me and cleanse
me from all unrighteousness and cleanse my...

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Categories: christian,

Daughter of Zion II
Lord, let Gog mourn in the Mountains of Israel,
Let is cry echo through the valley of Medina,
And through the mountains of Ararat.
From the lands of...

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Categories: bible, christian, jesus, jewish,

Psalms of the Saints XIII
My people dishonors me, they have tested me,
And yet, I restrain my anger 
And spared them of my indignation.
Even in their disobedience, I have broken...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, bible, jesus,

Just Silence and Son Shine
Today in my life I experience quiet, calm and serenity, the silence of peace. I am free, surrounded by NO rings, no telephone ring, no...

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Categories: god, jesus, light, silence,

350 Degrees
Concerned Christian environmentalists truthfully believe God created the life forms inside the oceans, lakes and seas.  He left mankind a legacy,  he was...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

I'm Going Get God
When the devil comes under attack and you know he will, don't be discouraged or be dismayed, just say to him, "I'm going get God."


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Categories: bible, encouraging, god, growth,

I am Barabbas II
“In my hands, to I have the power over the destiny of these two men,
One to live and one to die, is it not written...

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Categories: christian, father, forgiveness, jesus,