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Inspirational Narrative Poems

These Inspirational Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Inspirational. These are the best examples of Narrative Inspirational poems written by international poets.

Unicorns and Amazons
chasing in a derby race;
what a noble thing for us to see!

Saint Peter tapping-out the rhythm
whilst old Gabriel leads a tune,
and Saint Francis...

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Categories: faith, family, god, inspirational,

I am me
I am me


Victim, survivor.

Prey and predator.

Weak yet strong,

Anxious but outraged.


You are not me,

You cannot feel my pain

Or walk my path.

For you are you.


The only me...

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Categories: confidence, conflict, courage, growth,

I tried to cage the muse
I tried to cage the silverbird
I tried to hide the puma
I tried to hide the eagle
I tried to hide the...

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Categories: deep, imagination, inspiration, inspirational,

Premium Member Reclamation of Number 21
Fiction by Charles
Just prior to the end of the civil war, there were nearly 6000 men who were not accounted for but assumed to be...

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Categories: inspirational,

Island Dreams

Perhaps I will wait til' morning 
to go to the other side 
of the island 


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Categories: inspirational,

Holding her close in my arms,
Her lovely charms,
Undesirable to resist,
Love bubbles flooting in the air,
A sensual seduction blowing my mind away,
Her warm embrace defined by...

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Categories: inspirational love, love,

Flower of my heart
I vaguely remember how it began:
	I was strolling through the garden
	of my freshly ripped open soul  -
	a universe encompassed
	by a barrage of memories
	and melodious...

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Categories: beautiful, encouraging, freedom, inspirational,


Na Khawab mai kabhi socha 
Na kabhi dekha phir...

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Categories: art, inspiration, inspirational,

Premium Member Knotted in the Dance
Knotted in the Dance

Our eyes in a silent promise locked, 
the way only stranger's can.
Perhaps foretelling of lover's, unfrocked,
langoured and breathless ran. 

You, I think,...

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Categories: angst, beauty, dance, desire,

Premium Member My Greatest Adventure

The greatest adventure of my lifetime took place in a quaint little town on the East Coast  ---  a town whose...

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Categories: anniversary, blessing, celebration, children,

Odyssey from Africa 16b
16b Stargazing 

Here they filed into a hallway
Into almost total darkness
Just a pair of flick’ring candles
Led them to an inner circle
At its center was...

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Categories: adventure, africa, animal, history,

Sally Sue Has A Bad Day
Sally Sue Has A Bad Day

Little Sally Sue awoke one day feeling quite blue.
Her mom asked "Why, whats wrong with you?"
Sally replied, "If i only...

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Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Premium Member The Herd
Waves pushed a torrent of power and might.
Against the tiny creature seemingly lost in the night.
With only the moon to navigate her path,
Little seahorse galloped—

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Categories: birth, family, horse, inspirational

Take a journey with our minds and time travel to the past,
With our power of reason we see the way it was quite fast,
The truth...

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Categories: community, faith, inspirational, philosophy,

Jack's Courage
A group of youngsters
plays baseball in the sunny field,
while a lonely kid watches 
the game and he would love to join them,
but he can't run:...

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Categories: anxiety, baseball, boy, childhood,

Where does time go
When time drifts by so slow
How does one really know
How to stop this ongoing picture show
When days get lost in the haze

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Categories: confidence, deep, encouraging, imagination,

Stop procrastinating
We have a proclivity for Procrastination

About what we should do to understand the ramifications

Of exactly what we do and how we live

Within this ecological existence


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Categories: creation, inspirational, nature, perspective,

Our school secretary woke up every day, begging for unhappy.
By her daily face, I knew she was almost always able to find it.
By her heart,...

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Categories: encouraging, fun, funny, humorous,

Premium Member You Call That A Hit
The principal knocked on my school counselor door’s window beckoning for me to join her on the other side. I shook my head, ’no,’ ...

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Categories: confidence, encouraging, inspirational, school,

A life without meaning
Do you have something meaningful

In your life that you believe in

Is there something that you worship

That fills you scared feelings

If there is not then what's...

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Categories: beauty, inspirational, life, light,