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Farewell Narrative Poems

These Farewell Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Farewell. These are the best examples of Narrative Farewell poems written by international poets.


Things come into our lives,
Friend come into our lives,
Fake friends come into our lives
Some even disappear without GOODBYE

Though there is no Good in Goodbye
It's also...

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Categories: conflict, faith, farewell, friendship

Contrasting Exits
In 2018 there were four who exited life's door never to return. There was an additional one whom I feared might also depart, but he...

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Categories: celebration, christian, faith, farewell,

Waiting for the final sign
All set for a journey of her own,
a lonesome soul, she lingers at the bridge.
That last glimpse, she dares not.
Fear wrenched wounded heart, 
her next...

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Categories: adventure, break up, change,

An Angels Kisses
(PROMP:[3:29am] angel!jeongin lies next to you and hugs you as you cry, telling you to stop missing him “it’s okay, I’m here” PROMPT CREDIT TO...

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Categories: angel, death, death of

As I sat on the ledge looking up to the sky
I asked my Father the W's
The when's, the what's, the where's, the why's

So many places...

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Categories: change, farewell, goodbye, leaving,

Premium Member Your Gluteus Maximus

“May I fondle your gluteus maximus milady?”
“Why you certainly may, my good sir”
“A bucket like yours with such voluptuous curves
Starts me tingling and me motor...

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Categories: spiritual,

Sewing machine, long idle, gathered dust
in Grandma's loft I found, the week after we
laid her to rest next to her slain husband.
He was only twenty...

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Categories: appreciation, farewell, funeral, granddaughter,

Premium Member Visitor Finale - A collaboration with July Morning
The Story so far…
Makani (The Rising Wind), a beautiful extra-terrestrial researcher is sent to a remote island to observe earth. She finds Sam, a shipwrecked...

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Categories: adventure, romance, science fiction,

I see the light I see the tunnel 
I fight with might precise 
Flash backs and advice
I hear a familiar voice 
Leaves me with no...

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Categories: allusion, angel, bible, devotion,

No acknowledgement of faults
So many times one could speak double 
And thereby cause trouble

He refused to take responsibility for his faults which is why
In his poetry, he continuously...

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Categories: break up, farewell, friendship,

A Christmas Scene
Off to grandmother’s cottage we go,
past snow covered pines all in a row,
to a cozy home with old fashion charm,
standing beside it the red painted...

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Categories: children, christmas, family, fantasy,

The Nifty Town 2
I walked pass the neighborhood restaurants and saw Americans
browsing on their laptops and having their Saturday evening meals
Some were having a serious chat over dinner

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Categories: absence, abuse, america, anti

I Can Win The War Without Destroying The World
I have been reluctant to write this poem
Because I don't want to disappoint anyone
from going to heaven
I have been reluctant to write this poem
Because it...

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Categories: absence, america, angel, community,

Faint But Clear
O’ I ponder, ponder, of yond rich skies
of that faint  weary life that's passed me by 
beyond the echos of  shattered dreams
of a...

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Categories: beauty, conflict, emotions, farewell,

The Crippled Boy, Tommy Woodward
The crippled lad stood beneath the bell tower
Pulls the rope to ring the bell at the praying hour.
With each mighty heave the bell does toll.

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Categories: boy, child, courage, dedication,

Daylight Bids Farewell
The sun pauses briefly then slowly drifts from view;
The sky fills with  magenta, orange, red, and golden hues. 
Forest shadows begin to creep along...

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Categories: nature,

Their Splendor Gone
Their years have slowly slipped away,
Our nation’s heroes with heads of grey
Once strong bodies, now weathered and weak,
‘tis’ the solitude of grave’s-rest, they seek.

Willingly went...

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Categories: america, death, dedication, devotion,


I'd very much like to be excluded
Don't want to be part of your identity
Never see myself growing with you
For you are worse than an enemy

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Categories: anger, farewell, life, loneliness,

Let it go
There was once a lonely girl
Set far apart from others
As though she is none like the rest
Feeling like a black sheep everywhere
She smiles everyday like...

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Categories: childhood, farewell, goodbye, growing

The Bottle Upon the Shore
The bottle was found upon the shore,
looking forlorn and green with a cork,
it wasn't impressive except that a 
note was folded inside ready to be

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Categories: farewell,