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Christmas Narrative Poems

These Christmas Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Christmas. These are the best examples of Narrative Christmas poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Elises First Wrapping Job
This was Elise’s first wrapping job.
She did not want to hurry.
This was for her grandma.
One of her favorite people.

Daddy asked, “are we almost finished here?”

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Premium Member One Icy Christmas

In a two-door
gold-colored 1973
Ford Maverick with
a black vinyl top,
49 Christmases ago,
In the winter of 1973,
from Chicago, we headed south.

My wife's brother was getting married
on Christmas...

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Categories: christmas, memory,

Premium Member The Shiny Gold Button

Once upon a time there was a little boy who lived for Christmas.
Each year he would place cookies under the tree for Santa Claus. 

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, spiritual,

I loved the ebon-walk, past the twinkling houses of Christmas,
talking with my grandson- pointing, pondering, spending time.
Much better than spending cash, the ka-ching’s in kin-register.


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Premium Member Shared Christmas Dream
“Visions of sugar plums danced in their heads”…..
Teddy’s eyes fluttered, he saw gingerbread men dancing.
He was too tired to get up, so he allowed himself...

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Premium Member Santa Said No

When growing up in my hometown,
A white Christmas would have been
rare. There might have been one or
two, but I don't remember. I remember
playing outside on...

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Premium Member Mystery in Winter Fairy Land
Hercule Poirot entered Santa Claus’s large factory, shivering with cold.  The great detective looked back and saw Frosty the Snowman grinning with delight. ...

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Premium Member Happy Birthday Jesus, Happy Birthday Mom
Come along now she'd say to me and then together we would knead 
two strong arms and a floured face, this woman had love and...

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Categories: appreciation, holiday, mother,

Premium Member Sheila is Wearing Another Mask
Sheila’s co-workers are abuzz.
She is wearing another Christmas mask
I cannot believe it 
She has worn a different one for twelve days in a row

Rudolph, Frosty,...

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Premium Member I am Grateful for Brother Finn
November 11th, 1938. winter, Sweden
neighbor's pond water is not frozen yet
bucket spilled drops are chilly
grandma Sven's crocheted mittens are not warm enough
younger brother Finn tells...

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Giant ornaments like tumbleweeds, like eye popping bubbles, boisterously released in London streets. Like giant lightweight bowling balls that cavort out of their lanes. The...

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Premium Member Selling Mamas House
We have been trying to sell my mother-in-law’s house for fifteen years.
She always wanted us to fall in love with it and move into it.

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Premium Member Tent City
A park in downtown 
Where the children play
A park for many events
Canada's Day celebrations
Christmas lights festivals
All through the park

A statue of Queen Elizabeth
Stands tall in...

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Categories: home, people,

Premium Member Best Day of the Year
Fourth of July was a day that we gathered with our cousins.
Sharing a picnic lunch, eating watermelon and hot dogs.
The adults ate hamburgers, but who...

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Premium Member Brace For Impact
I'd finished work early so I went, to pick the kids up from school
I thought this time tomorrow, we'll all be bathing in the pool

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