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Cat Narrative Poems

These Cat Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Cat. These are the best examples of Narrative Cat poems written by international poets.

The Trapper and The Brave, Part I
It was back in nineteen-nineteen
when Timlin Rivers checked his traps,
by one he found just a weasel skin,
did not know what to make of that.

Why would...

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Categories: adventure, family, friendship, grandfather,

Premium Member She Fell Unconscious In Her Car
She fell unconscious in her car, they think it is her heart.
She is young, but un-doctored, too busy taking care of others
To worry about any...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Rassphrass and LeRoy's Love Story
Rassaphrass’s husband LeRoy went out for garlic bread on a Tuesday.  She ate all the spaghetti and meatballs before he returned, to teach him...

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Categories: fun,

Premium Member Once Upon a Halloween in the 50's
The excitement mounted as we rummaged around in the attic looking through old steamer trunks for discarded clothes and props to make Halloween costumes. With...

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Categories: nostalgia,

Premium Member Fiction Contest Example
A long, long time ago (it seemed anyway) Rose
and her cat Twinkle Toes were     dreaming
it was a wonderful fairy tale dream...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fantasy,

Premium Member HOW SWEET IT IS
I was walking on the heath near Rocky Road with Mike and Ike, we’d been pals since our college days and called ourselves The Three...

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Categories: fun,

The Eyes Have It Meditation


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Categories: meaningful,

Premium Member Fine, whatever
Who do you think you are?
I said it so many times to my old friend
too many times
until I said it loudly one last time
and that...

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Categories: anger, friend, humor,

The sixth trumpet oops false alarm
My God I thought Christ had just returned...I was in a dead sleep when one of the cats jumped up on this 300 button multi...

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Categories: animal, cat, cheer up,

Premium Member Unforgivable
She pants in low moans,
Meandering through dense brush,
Shrouded by evening sky above a forest.

With damp and matted fur,
An amber-eyed predator sees no prey;
Her hunger grows.


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Categories: cat,

Premium Member Night Creatures

My husband and I are well-loved and visited by night creatures. There were once seventeen raccoons on our deck, fighting over six boxes of stale...

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Categories: animal, dog,

The little pussycat
The little pussycat

I’m just a little pussycat 
I stretch and yawn and purr
I laze around the fireside
And groom my silky fur
I sit upon my mistress...

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Categories: cat, character, cute,

A Bush Walk
Beneath a hazy blue sky
I walked down a grassy bank
My little dog trotted beside me
Across from us bush land dotted with
Gum trees, Banksia, Wattyl and...

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Categories: animal, nature,

Premium Member Spirit Shadows of Sadness
Part Two
San Francisco, California
Melodee’s apartment with a view of the bay

“It’s the month of May. The 29th no less. The number of sorrow for me.”

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Categories: death, depression, may,

Premium Member Elsabob Comes To The Forest
The forest had enjoyed a magical transformation.
Dusk had ushered in the firefly brigade.
They lit up the pond area like tiny LED lights.
I could see they...

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Categories: animal, fairy, fantasy, friend,

The Cougar and The Deer
When I was just a little boy
we picnicked under alpine skies,
one time a mule deer strolled out
and fed in the meadow nearby.
Tall, curving antlers rising...

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Categories: age, fear, growing up,

Beyond the establishment and system
We're locked in system

Bound in chains,

By a system that doesn't want us free again,

Caught in a society that barely cares

Inundated by advertisers selling their wares,


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Categories: inspirational, money, political, work,

Honey Bee Flying Around In Winter
I have been reluctant to pen this verse 
Because I don't understand what it was all about
I have been reluctant to pen this verse
Because I...

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Categories: angel, blessing, business, community,

Premium Member 'cause, I am a survivor
I have spent my entire life searching for answers
for questions that have no answers it seems
like, where is my place
in this existence (I have been...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: how i feel, life,

You Know You're Getting Older When
You Know You’re Getting Older When…©

The scroll bar for an online application 
takes forever to get to your year of birth

The creaks you hear are...

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Categories: age, humor, humorous,