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Free Verse Music Poems

These Free Verse Music poems are examples of poetry about Free Verse Music. These are the best examples of Music Free Verse poems written by international poets.

Suspended In A Sunbeam

Quote by: Melancholy Of Innocence 
LOVE is the spark within the speck illuminated & suspended in a sunbeam. 

A ray of sunbeam falls across her...

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Categories: beauty, music,

Premium Member The Magic of Music
The Magic of Music

   Bring to mind your favorite song. How does it make you feel? Where do those feelings originate in your...

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Categories: music, emotions, inspiration, language, magic,

Premium Member Look Closely
I took the short path,
as many do to get to the beach.
Loving the beach with it's white sand,
a great summertime place for all ages.
I could...

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Categories: music, beach, fun, morning, summer,

Premium Member He Has Only Just Begun
It started thousands of ages ago,
when He had only just begun.
His creativetly was beyond all thought,
it was just divine.
If one looks over the many years,

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Categories: music, earth, people, time, world,

Premium Member Raining in Summer
Spring is on it's way out,
with warmer days on the horizon.
Summer is a great time of the year,
sleeping in from school ~ hooray.
Splashing fun time...

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Categories: music, beach, food, fun, garden,

Premium Member The music in your eyes
I see the music in your eyes
I feel it deep in my soul 
It excites me night and day 
That  music vibrates in my...

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Categories: music, allusion, desire, emotions, father

Premium Member The Symphony
Sometimes, always, 
& rather unsurprisingly,
I start to wonder… heart cannot explain,
the corporeal notes,
of music,
in just a droplet,
of rain.


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Categories: music, confusion, extended metaphor, introspection,

Premium Member He Has Only Just Begun

On swift wings, blessed by the light,
who pours out the melody, 
scriptures come to life – in the song,
joyful noises, crafted by hope,
soothing away the...

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Categories: music, appreciation, bird, blessing, fate,

Premium Member A Whole Lot of Cruis’n Going On
Who could cruise on in,
play Jerry Lee?
One deck is frozen,
in disbelief. A titanic
hit off the old block.
Fingers grooving,
what a shock.
He’s not jealous
of Billy Joel,
he’s his...

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Categories: music,

Premium Member Rising

Psalms 113:3 (KJV) “From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD'S name is to be praised.”

In his quiet...

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Categories: music, appreciation, blessing, christian, forgiveness,

Premium Member The Banjo Man

When I sit alone with my memories
My mind drifts back to the early 60s
When folk music was all the rage
The New Christy Minstrels, Peter Paul...

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Categories: music,

Premium Member Finding My Voice In Neverland - A Musicians Letter From Woodstock
“I'm ready to go anywhere
I'm ready for to fade
Into my own parade
Cast your dancing spell my way
I promise to go under it”.....Quote by Bob Dylan


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Categories: music, confidence, courage, devotion,

Premium Member A Hooked Fish
Nervous I sat,
waiting to be called.
I wasn’t sure what it was he said,
but it meant a lot to me.
Then I realized,
he was not talking to...

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Categories: music, me, scary, spoken word,

Premium Member A Twilight Robbery- Pick a Line and Like a Hooked Fish Run with it
Line of Inquiry
“I wasn’t sure what it was he said but it meant a lot to me.”

When there was still daylight lingering,
And the wind was...

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Categories: emotions, love, music,

Premium Member Music Of Memory

Disarrayed sands
dropped by chaotic time
settle ceaseless

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Categories: music, analogy, depression, memory, time,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things