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Child Monorhyme Poems

These Child Monorhyme poems are examples of Monorhyme poems about Child. These are the best examples of Monorhyme Child poems written by international poets.

Wild Sheep
Wild Sheep

Hero of the people I stood tall.
Yet by my wicked hand my flight did stall,
and so shame struck like a musket ball.

Rattled of mind...

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© Ross Blade  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: child abuse, christian, death,

Choices or chances
My parents thought giving me too many chances would be a mistake,
When so much was at stake,
Preferring to leave me in no doubt about the...

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Categories: baptism, care, character, child,

Premium Member A Little Boy Called, William
A little boy called William was weeping with sad words echoing,
it was my turn answering calls at a Kids Hotline this evening;
and as I listened...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, bullying, child,

Shark in the soup???
When perceived at its face value ... it's abnormal
challenging the intellectual
that labels it as illogical
...beside being comical!

Shark in the soup???
For an interesting...

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Categories: analogy, character, emotions, faith,

Premium Member A Poem for Pearl
May you fall, so you may rise
May your horizons surpass your skies
May your future fill your eyes
May you make mistakes that make you wise
May your...

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Categories: child, dedication, girl, hope,

Premium Member Kids and the Great Outdoors
Beautiful wildflowers on the hillside gleam.
Children pluck the flowers there, and nearby is a stream.
Its waters with little polliwogs now teem!
Kids are splashing after them....

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member The Beauty Of May

The Beauty Of May

Our month of May unfolds soft pastel haze
to spread her joy ahead of summer days.
'Tween buds of April and June's full-bloomed phase

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Categories: beautiful, may, tribute,

The Prequel
"The Prequel"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

In my Life, I have come across so many people
And all of them are truly equal
Because we all must battle...

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Categories: character, confidence, deep, faith,

Shout and cries rose from the huts
hope and trust absorb their hearts
burn and pain leave the scar of their lives
but grashopper's fly smashes their memories

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Categories: child abuse, imagery, success,

Man Style
by:  Eric L. Boddie

A man's style
Can initiate a woman to smile
As well as inspire the Life of a child
At the same time, it tames...

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Categories: art, identity, integrity, life,

Premium Member Joy of motherhood
Joy of motherhood

The suckling child does find rest
Upon his mother’s chest
Where else then should he nest,
If not upon her breast?

Though at times odd, he may...

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Categories: baby, birth, care, child,

Assembly on Creativity
In all schools, there is assembly conn
Which directs the class or school yon
Expectations of all – trustee – the swan:
Choosing topics and teachers from Taiwan.

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Categories: school,

Acrostic on Divine Child School
Divine Child School – an eyesore
In Mehsana for many schools – sopor. 
Vital in activities from a long yore 
In the field of academics –...

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Categories: power,

A school in a village without any pastel – 
Divine Child which never cares for riel 
Strives for excellence. Does propel
The children upwards and rebel

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Categories: student,

Dreaded tutoring experience
From fourteen feet I visualize how heavy is the frame,
which parallels encasement of slow and lumbering brain.
While even with my vision blurred and tables in...

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Categories: child, how i feel,

Neelraj A Naughty Child
All are not born with same talent wide
So are looked upon badly, get chide
Without any mistake they stride 
Trying to overcome aversion and pride.
Such children...

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Categories: child,

Kabir A Notorious Child
In divine school there is a boy who does blare
The horn of indiscipline all over the school bare
Met me very day when I furiously did...

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Categories: child,

Some might call it baggage
Some might call it baggage

I am at the ending of my wits, I can’t take this much more
There’s something quite amiss with you, it seems...

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Categories: humor,

Premium Member CIRCLE OF LIFE
As a baby, love comes in soft and simple ways
A warm bottle, a hug, fresh sheet on which she lays.
The toddler, she matures, begins to...

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Categories: baby, child, daughter, growing

Winter Is A Despicable Demise
Winter is a despicable demise, more fear rises
while the sumptuous moon claims herself queen of the stars;   
ghosts stump on the wooden floor...

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Categories: child, cry, dark, dream,