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Million Poems

Million Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of million poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for million.

New Poems

Oxymoron, Size XL

There are ten
Million blue T-shirts
Saying, "Dare To Be Different"
...Read More
Categories: million, clothes,
Form: Fibonacci

Space me
A peace of mind 
Walking by myself at a decent time 
No one to check on me 
At least I’m fine
Lower my standards 
A million zillion reasons to
Believe in me 
As I’m reaching you
Every evening new experiences 
This crib I...Read More
Categories: million, 3rd grade, adventure, allegory, break up, chanukah,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member OVERSIZE EGO

She's in love with the sound of her own voice
The pitch the tone the octave
Her one favorite topic is herself
She loves her audience captive and attentive
Their politeness is nothing short of adoration
Convinced there's no topic more worthy of the podium
She...Read More
Categories: million, confidence, father daughter, perspective, self, sound, spoken
Form: Free verse
An Era Lost
Deep in his heart had urgent need to go just one last time,
To place where he grew up; would childhood memories rebound?
Went with fear and misgivings; was he wise or asinine?
Step after step, he strolled over boyhood holy ground.

His old...Read More
Categories: million, culture, farewell, identity, loss, nostalgia, sad,
Form: Rhyme
A Tiny Star
I picked a star to watch tonight
Some five million light years away
It serves as our sun to someone
I wonder what they have to say

Wrapped loose around this tiny star
Float another trillion it seems
But those are for a later night
This one...Read More
Categories: million, universe,
Form: Rhyme

Graven Images
I will not hold your golden trophy high above MY head
Or wear your name engraved with cheap polyester thread
I’m so sorry you can’t decide what to wear today,
Will it be the Christian Dior or the Versace green lamay?
Your Jimmy Choos...Read More
Categories: million, celebrity, change, conflict, culture, irony, perspective, surreal,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Million Of Dreams
Each night when I lie down,
The brightness of color fills my head,
Million of dreams in my sleep
I think of what the world could be
A vision of what I see
million dreams of the blessed key,
million dreams for the world for you...Read More
Categories: million, beautiful, christian, courage, dream, forgiveness, inspiration, spiritual,
Form: ABC
Premium Member The land down under
Australia keeps burning but what are we learning?
 Who cares about the kangeroos when we can still
 see them at our zoos..
 Koalas are cute even with burned feet but how many
 koalas are you slated to meet..
 Fifty million...Read More
Categories: million, environment,
Form: Light Verse
A Bitter Sweet Tragedy
"A Bitter Sweet Tragedy"

   It was a typical mid-morning, on January 15 1919, on Keany Square in
 north Beantown, you could hear the hooves of horses clopping up and down.

   Above the hustle and bustle normally...Read More
Categories: million, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: Rhyme
First came Storm Ciara 
On Sunday the ninth of February
She caused total havoc throughout the UK
Heavy rain brought serious flooding
Her gales so strong brought buildings tumbling
Whilst on the Isle of Wight
The most southerly tip of England
Gusts of ninety seven miles...Read More
Categories: million, environment, storm, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Doing a Del Boy

So, that was it Fred was gone, and the cats and me were skint
Smelly Gran had left a will but; to where there was just no hint

I am now sitting on the back porch, giving it...Read More
Categories: million, grandmother, humorous, tribute,
Form: Epic
cryptic calls

The night called out to him
A man of plane fleet
Gloved in illusion of machete and strength
To beat out from the web of sleep
And answer the howling cryptic calls:

Cryptic calls of hooting owls and chirping crickets
Cryptic calls with lurid eyes...Read More
Categories: million, bereavement, death, grief, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Early Morning in Manhattan
Eight million people living here
Yet on my morning walk,
Deserted streets provided
Not a thing at which to gawk.

Behind each window there were souls
In various routines – 
Asleep or in the shower
Or engaged in breakfast scenes.

I marveled at the emptiness
In such a...Read More
Categories: million, morning, new york,
Form: Rhyme
The Curse of Conquerors Past, Part II
...Khan Williamson, for his troops called him that now,
split his forces and swarmed in from the west,
million of Uighurs joined him for revenge,
and all in his path could quickly attest

That if you surrendered to his great horde
he’d let you live,...Read More
Categories: million, adventure, conflict, dark, evil, history, scary, war,
Form: Epic
The Curse of Conquerors Past, Part I
I write this down not knowing what to think,
or how to make sense of what I went through,
my name is Blake Jones, I was S.A.S.,
and everything that I write here is true.

This tale tells how we killed Khan Williamson,
the tyrant...Read More
Categories: million, adventure, conflict, dark, evil, history, scary, war,
Form: Epic
Premium Member The Fact
The Fact(s)

It started with a poem. 
Penned in by mistake. 
Then it ended up in a letter, 
that later turned into an email. 
That was forwarded, 
not once but a thousand, 
and then ten million times. 

Then someone was asked,...Read More
Categories: million, allah, anti bullying, atheist, endurance, games, hero,
Form: Narrative
contrived version
lead myself 
to believe 
in this mentally 
contrived version 
of a relationship 
with you where we
were happy 
than one day you shattered 
that version into a 
million tinny little pieces 
when you left me 
now looking back in hind-sight 
the...Read More
Categories: million, introspection,
Form: Lyric
shattered heart
i search for love in all the wrong places not knowing that it would cost me my heart oh how painful it was as i wash my heart being shattered in to million pieces i waited for someone to come...Read More
Categories: million, break up, devotion, emotions, first love, for
Form: Free verse
I can't be the one
When rivers flowed down my wet eyes,
And my pillow was drenched in tears,
You were the one who heard my cries,
And helped me to chase off my fears.
I heard their sermon, of the Sears,
Even after a million tries,
I won't bring you...Read More
Categories: million, best friend, caregiving, emotions, love,
Form: Lay
Premium Member The Bones
The bones of the matter,
Pieces chipped by the harsh reality of life,
aged by the winds of time.

Some have become petrified,
dried out and turned to delicate lace.
Others are more substantial, cluncky.
Oddly shaped, jagged edged, and smooth lined
Intermingled in a tangle of...Read More
Categories: million, endurance, meaningful,
Form: Free verse
Puffinus puffinus
Historical crooner, troll-like in burrows

your eerie cries are supernatural.


Lacking red, yellow and orange

but you shear the air to make up for it.


I walked a few steps around your island once. Got

so tired in a day with sandwiches and...Read More
Categories: million, animal, environment, flying, inspirational, magic, ocean, world,
Form: Free verse

Did you see the picture of the swollen-bellied child,
Beset with flies nobody had the strength to brush away?
Did you see his mother, as weak as he is,
Whose one remaining hope is that he dies first;
Not to be left...Read More
Categories: million, child, death, stars,
Form: Free verse
After the Genocide

For years, the ominous signs were palpable
The deep fraternal mistrust festered and discernable
Propagated by colonial masters to divide and make Rwanda malleable
And left lingering became monstrous and uncontrollable
Snowballing in 1994 into an orgy of murderous hate
As Hutu brothers...Read More
Categories: million, abuse, anger, conflict, discrimination, evil, hate, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Forever Forgive Me
Forever forgive me
For my one and only iniquity
Please forgive me
With forbearance eternally

Lots of anger and lust
Got a hold of me…
So, I must...oh, I must…
Set my soul free

Forever forgive me
Determine my footsteps to the light
Emotionally unhappy
Intervene in my life with utter...Read More
Categories: million, courage, emotions, encouraging, endurance, hope, longing, solitude,
Form: Rhyme
Love's Music
Love’s Music

If music be the food of love, play on;
play on, oh my Beloved.
Let the sweet melody of your song
fill the dark realms of night 
like the beautiful voice 
of a besotted nightingale.

Sing only for me … 
only for me,...Read More
Categories: million, romantic love,
Form: Free verse