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Lion Metaphor Poems

These Lion Metaphor poems are examples of Metaphor poems about Lion. These are the best examples of Metaphor Lion poems written by international poets.

Mirror Mirror
I wish to be a bird 
to see the world
to represent peace and freedom
Instead, I am confined 
in a glass cage
that shatters to the touch


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Categories: metaphor, angst, animal, beautiful, desire,


I am Sphinx Stone
Sun stationed statue
silent sculptured synoptic 
not marble or granite 
nor black tourmaline or
crystal sapphire quartz
vortex for Void actualising 
sacred amber...

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Categories: metaphor, africa, age, color, extended

Twilight Throne

I'm the lion-hearted fragrance of basil stars, 
breathing blames like the Goddess of Hurricanes, 
but, was this twilight throne, ever mine to tame?
I'll forever bleed...

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Categories: metaphor, angst, betrayal, dark, deep,

Times of uncertainty

What say you now, before the crowd, for these most heinous crimes.

You're a wretched sort, to face this court, in most uncertain times.

A capital charge,...

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Categories: metaphor, conflict, corruption, devotion, extended

Living Among Ferocious Animals
Having to undertake my journey through life
        I face unusual situations...This time with animals...


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Categories: metaphor, adventure, allegory, animal, appreciation,

Daily Writing: Write a Poem About Bananas
Sometimes you cruise through life
with blinders on
Completely unawares of those damned
slippery bananas

At every turn and corner they lurk
like a lion on the savanna
and you, in...

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Categories: metaphor, fantasy, hyperbole,

Premium Member Chimera
A lion with a passion so ravenous
Unable to be satisfied by love
her bite of sensuality poisonous
She lives in her empty pit of self-love

this shepherd of...

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Categories: addiction, desire, metaphor,

I South Africa I Woman
{August is Woman’s Month in South Africa. August 9th is Woman’s Day. August 8th is an opening of the Lion’s Portal to Cosmic Strength. This...

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Categories: metaphor, courage, emotions, endurance, extended

Life In Jungle
When you meet a  peacock 

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Categories: africa, metaphor,

The Hungry and Angry Lions
Can you laugh with me? 

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Categories: metaphor,

Crocodile River
Crocodile river, 
         a lion roar 
                       in the jungle,
                 is tirtsty, 

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Categories: animal, metaphor, river, water,

Premium Member Nocturnal
a hibernating bear
          in the dead of winter
during the day,

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Categories: animal, day, metaphor, nature,

The Lion Who Runs From a Lion

Born of a Lion 
But raised among sheep.
Stronger than iron
But shiver like leaves in upsweep. 

Boldness is one of...

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Categories: metaphor, 1st grade, analogy, extended

Premium Member Of Allegorical Echoers
(Apropos of Black Poetic Griots)

We may not be deemed apostolic recorders
But we poets, guided with divine wisdom, are
The lay scribes thereof in the chronicling of

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Categories: metaphor, allegory, analogy, black african

Be My Darling Woman
Be my beloved
as I solicit you!
Be always!
The ocean inside of me,
that I will be your indomitable river,
filling you...

my loving female
that I will be your lion,

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Categories: metaphor, adventure, allusion, devotion, extended

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