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Friends Metaphor Poems

These Friends Metaphor poems are examples of Metaphor poems about Friends. These are the best examples of Metaphor Friends poems written by international poets.

Painting On The Wall
I sit here, perched on the wall
Frozen forever 
Face in my hands
Black waves tumbling past my shoulders
Smiling, pearly white teeth glistening
My brown eyes admire you...

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Categories: metaphor, abuse, angst, art, cry,

We both found tenners 
at our own happy diversions-
mine on a jog, she 
with her boyfriend walking. 

She waves passing 
in her yellow mini 

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Categories: anxiety, extended metaphor, friendship,

Premium Member Pouring out my heart
Pouring out my heart, it’s devoid of all blood 
Perhaps more knotted, resembling of redwood
Splinters and shavings, fall away with each thud
Can’t escape this logjam,...

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Categories: how i feel, metaphor,

Premium Member We Enter My Minds Eye
Meet my friends Nip also Tuck here
            in my imaginary...
came to flabber, jabber with...

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Categories: allusion, dream, extended metaphor,

My Spiritual life
My Spiritual life is complicated
Now euphoric next sedated
dilemas daily duplicated
All my friends alienated
Happy times sometimes elated
Spiritual life is complicated

My spiritual life is tempermental
one day strong...

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Categories: allusion, emotions, metaphor,

An apparitions favourite word from punctuation-less sentences that continue on, on, on.
Cope without it you useless fools a flick suffices.
Semi-colon, colon, joining words thrust through...

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Categories: metaphor, bereavement, best friend, extended

It was as if we received an unwanted grounding from the heavens above. 
“No friends, no going out, no leaving the house” they said with...

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Categories: confusion, extended metaphor, life,

Premium Member Old Faithful
Technology makes everyone feel old. A laptop is old after two years. Someone always has something newer. Everyone seems to feel obsolete now, even the...

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Categories: computer, extended metaphor, friendship,

Premium Member OOPS - VAN GOGH
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears - a confusing metaphor.


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Categories: metaphor,

Premium Member OOPS - VAN GOGH
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears - a confusing metaphor.


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Categories: metaphor,

Two best friends 
of the planet earth are liars 
And true people. 
A true person can hate lies 
but he "she" still be good to...

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Categories: imagery, metaphor, tree,

Premium Member LIFEs GROWING JOY Poem Within a Poem
*** Life’s Growing Joy Poem Within a Poem ***

My 70’s may be the decade
For reaching my pathway’s
Ends and Epiphanies: a service of ‘Lessons and Pains’


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Categories: metaphor, christian, feelings, happiness, imagery,

Premium Member shooting birds at the moon
Was I maudlin over our breakup? For a minute.

If I think of you now, it’s like a slideshow of unflattering images.

At the time, my breakup...

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Categories: metaphor, absence, break up, humor,

If hate and envy  fill up your heart,
Can always come
out of your mouths.
will be filling up your brain. 
Your stomach will always 
Give daily...

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Categories: irony, metaphor,

Friends, haven't you any fish
The best poetry stays silent and deep
It cries for attention below still waters
Each one melting into oceans weeping

I still fish poorly in infinity’s pool
With no...

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Categories: extended metaphor, faith, language,