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Masculine Men Poems

These Masculine Men poems are examples of Men poems about Masculine. These are the best examples of Men Masculine poems written by international poets.

I don't know what the true meaning of male is!
If the world is the part of nature
If all parts of the world is nature
And if...

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Categories: men, nature, women,

They Made The Patriarchy, Part I
It’s a word the feminists always scream,
‘Patriarchy! Patriarchy!”they say,
claiming that all is set up to oppress,
that men seek to get in a woman’s way,
that this...

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Categories: conflict, culture, men, political,


The magic of mimosa meandered,
In her mystical mind and on the mirror.
Mesmerizing moments of men!

With mannish kindness they kissed her hands 
and dainty, debutante fingers

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Categories: emotions, love, memory, men,

Lance Defeats the Matriarchy, Part I
The endless fight seemed to come to an end,
the toxic nature beaten out of men
by lessons taught, and pressure from above,
the masculine had surrendered to...

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Categories: conflict, corruption, culture, men,

If There Were No Men
I’ve heard lots of feminists say
we’d be better off without men,
they claim that they are just joking,
but say it again and again.
That we’re all of...

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Categories: men, gender, how i feel,

The True Alpha Male
The True Alpha Male

The True Alpha Male is the man that is masculine, but not toxic. 
The man whose behavior proceeds from a sense of...

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Categories: men, confidence, conflict, courage, father,

Mr Magic
Manifestation of pain
inside walls of your gospel
Penned up truths that 
haunted your psyche but
you made the pen a weapon 
that prospered against all 
that troubled...

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Categories: men, black african american, god,

The Child Syndrome

Our failures are victory laurels,
They are the miracles we survived.
Our survival is our success.
The survival of the man from the child.
No one wins...

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Categories: men, 1st grade, age, child,

It Will Never Be Enough
They claim that you were ‘outdated,’
old-fashioned and ‘not with the times,’
because you hesitated to
give up traditions of your kind.
They claimed new was always better,
that you...

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Categories: men, abuse, how i feel,

Premium Member The Devil Made Desire
The devil made desire to hurt women.
He made wars to lessen the number of men
the cellophane whores with the hole
in their hearts
strong, masculine arms to...

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Categories: desire, god, men, woman,

Gender Rolls
I am a baker in a quaint, small town,
for my artisan breads the people come ’round,
Tuscan and baguettes by the dozen are sold,
but most people...

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Categories: men, creation, food, gender, humor,

In fields beneath a burning sun,
behind horses smelling foul,
we hacked the ground so seeds could grow,
walked hard miles behind the plow,
trying to feed all our...

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Categories: men, culture, how i feel,

The Manly Virtues, Part II
...Loyalty, of all of them,
is the most lacking in our time.
But there’s untold importance in
staying true to those you find
who are sincere, honorable,
also true friends...

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Categories: men, culture, how i feel,

The Manly Virtues, Part I
It seems that there is no shortage
of blind fools in the world today,
wishing that masculinity
would die, or whither away.
As if it were a simple choice,

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Categories: men, culture, how i feel,

Ain't Gonna Happen, Babe
You say the there’s no need for grit,
that acting tough is all ‘toxic,’
tell me I should learn new tricks,
that ain’t gonna happen, babe.

You think I...

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Categories: men, confidence, how i feel,