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Personality Me Poems

These Personality Me poems are examples of Me poems about Personality. These are the best examples of Me Personality poems written by international poets.

The black in me
The black in me is hungry;
Always seeking more
She wants to hunt the bad ones;
Bring justice for the lore.
Though most can’t understand this
Part of me and...

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Categories: me, black love, i am,

I would like to meet me
I would like to meet me.
Me. That person sitting inside me, watching me, feeling me. 
That’s not me in the mirror or in that photo.

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Categories: me, self,

The Real Me
The visions get worse when you're 
   not around, crying, screaming,
   torturous visions of death on
   purpose, hatred and...

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© Juli Freda  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: me, angst, conflict, death,

Broken Bottle
Broken bottle.

Heart breaks in two, waiting on a love to come.
Save me from the time that I don't have; where is my fun?
I am in...

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© Aa Harvey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: me, friend, hurt, loss, love,

Mediocre son me crafts letter to his papa
Mediocre son (me) crafts letter to his papa

Impossible mission to escape end of life woe
visit courtesy grim reaper 
inevitable for every mortal,
whether he/she alive
yesterday, today...

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Categories: me, 7th grade, abuse, anger,

Her and I
the mirror stands in front of me
i look at it, it scares me
the person staring back at me
isn’t someone i want to be

she has cuts,...

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Categories: identity, me, meaningful, self,

I cannot single handedly manage
I cannot single handedly manage...
primary idiopathic palmar/
palmoplantar hyperhidrosis

Aforementioned physiological malady
unwanted and unwonted figurative
(metaphorical) beast of burden
linkedin with matrix constituting mine
corporeal essence genetically
gifted to yours truly,

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Categories: me, angst, birth, dad, fate,

Eight traits that defines me
My behaviour is like a mirror
It reflects your attitude towards me
My love is like a locked arrow
To get it you need a fitting key

My heart...

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Categories: me,

Premium Member C H O L E R I C
Cantankerous, crotchety, crass, crude, crazily charismatic and confident.
Hold my own with the best of the grumps, forcing them to back down.
Ornery in my abilities to...

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Categories: me, perspective,

Ten Poems that define me
I love poetry with the whole of my being
A message to my country Nigeria to be self reliant
experience with a deep river in my school...

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Categories: me, africa, beautiful, bible, childhood,

I am
I am more than my name:
T – Talented, creative and educated.
O – Open to challenges and criticisms that may come.
M – Mature and realistic, calm...

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Categories: me,

the girl i like the most

I know a girl whom I like the most
She is just of her kind 
Such a personality 
I never find.


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Categories: 9th grade, me,

Premium Member 10 Poems That Define Me
01. Life Is Life
My philosophy on life

02. God, My Saviour
This poem is about my faith in God

03. Music, My Escape 
Expressing my love for music


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Categories: identity, image, me, poems,

Just a Me
Do I have to pick 
and if so who says
does it matter
is there a right or wrong answer
will it define me
how will I know if...

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Categories: me, gender,

Different Spirits Within Me
It's too many different spirits within me
My personality is constantly shifting
I'm the most humble but act different next minute
I'll admit it I'm twisted
Tell me to...

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Categories: me, autumn, beauty, change, crazy,