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Manatee Poems

Manatee Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of manatee poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for manatee.

New Poems

Like many families who believe in Christmas 
either religious or spiritually
Deborah and I set out each year 
in search of our perfect tree.

And we usually find it right away…
with so many trees to choose this is a plus
Which always makes...Read More
Categories: manatee, christmas,
Form: Verse

Premium Member If I had a Man Friday
If I had a Man Friday, 
I would ask him to get me a sea cow.

This manatee and I would have 
so much fun, and how!

We would swim in the cleanest waters.
Never taking a bath again.

We would splash and blow...Read More
Categories: manatee, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Rhyme
They went on a mini vacation…they camped under the trees
to experience the wonders of nature at the springs of Manatee.

Because they are not cave people no matter where they roam
they brought with them their iPads, their computer and I-Phones.

But technology...Read More
Categories: manatee, vacation,
Form: Verse
Depth of a man
(During contemplation)
What are we? Thought the flea,
there must be more than what we see.

(With careful consideration)
Am I free? Thought the bee,
and is there much aside from thee.

(Before deep meditation)
Who holds the key? Thought the manatee,
pondering while in the sea.

(With loving...Read More
Categories: manatee, fun,
Form: ABC
Premium Member A Current News Spawn
I found a sphinx in my backyard
And a manatee turned up dead
I raised a flag, all went to one knee
A hissing package fell on my head!

I was harassed by a baby squirrel
My turkey got doubled up tariff
DNA linked me to...Read More
Categories: manatee, character, history, humorous, imagery,
Form: Quatrain

Premium Member Rehashing History: Ponce de Leon and the Mermaid
Ponce de León was dejected,
He couldn't find the Fountain of Youth.
And to make matters worse, he was under a curse
From a Tequesta* squaw with one tooth.
Things hadn't gone quite as expected,
And his men were all suff'ring as well.
In a Florida...Read More
Categories: manatee, history, humor,
Form: Light Verse
The Matinee Viewing of a Cow at Sea
Sitting by the bay during a weekday watching the water I thought a manatee I observed
Just beneath the surface, it came up for just a few seconds and didn’t reemerge. 
I followed it with my eyes, seeing its imprint on...Read More
Categories: manatee, animal, appreciation, loneliness, nature, ocean, perspective, silence,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Gentle Manatee
Gentle manatee gliding through the water 
Gently swimming down the river 
Going toward the spring so clear 
Eating vegetation 
Taking in air 
Heading toward the spring so clear 
Staying with the herd 
Nursing their young 
Oh Gentle manatee 
Going toward...Read More
Categories: manatee, animal, nature,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Manatee
Sweet manatee
Swimming in the cool
waters of the spring
Healing in the waters
after being injured 
Taking things slowly 
So they can return 
to the wild
with the rest of the 
wild manatees 
To their natural ways 
and habitat...Read More
Categories: manatee, animal, care, encouraging, endurance, journey, nature,
Form: I do not know?
boys in speedboats
boys in speedboats
racing down the river –
...Read More
Categories: manatee, animal, boat, hurt,
Form: Haiku
Have you swam the forests      under the seas
glided it's waters             wandered it's keys
watched the gray giants       ...Read More
Categories: manatee, boat, creation, earth, fish, imagery, nature, water,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Death by Manatee
An “Angel of the Odd” curiosity provokes
The Angel of Death is more welcome than he
Wine bottles in a keg?  What is it this angel smokes?
“The narrator’s house,” says Poe with wicked glee

Things are never as they seem in Poe’s...Read More
Categories: manatee, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
The Land Of Rhyme Remembered
Sail most by north, by west the least, 
until the moon sets in the east.
There, in a sea the colour of custard, 
ye'll see the Ile de Deux Sans Mustard
where locals speak like buccaneers, 
calling you ‘me dirrr' and us...Read More
Categories: manatee, cute, fantasy, sea,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member A Manatee's Pace
Awakened with need to visit restroom, did make that run
Dizziness hits with faintiness, feelings of passing totalily out, falling
Ambulance was called early in morn; Princess could have outrun
How could anything so slow bounce and twist when crawling
Snail's pace arrived alive,...Read More
Categories: manatee, health,
Form: Quintain (English)
The Good and the Bad - Paper or Plastic
Discarded plastic can bring creature alarm.
On the head of a manatee, it has no charm.
Paper comes from trees, lost habitats, poor bee.
Is it just convenience that matters, to thee?

Paper or plastic, what shall it be?
The answer sometimes flip-flops within me.
Why...Read More
Categories: manatee, animals, nature, people, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
for the holiday suicides
ever hear those obnoxious individuals claim that a lot of
people killing themselves around the 
“holidays” is a myth?
ever see them walk with self-righteousness
as if they shouldn’t be bothered with the very idea that others in this world
might not share their...Read More
Categories: manatee, life, thanksgiving, thanksgiving, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Manatee 'Neath Bridge
manatee 'neath bridge

endangered species rebounds --

sighting evokes joy

*Entry for Carol Brown's Nature Haiku contest...Read More
Categories: manatee, animals
Form: Haiku
The Talisman Ride
The Talisman Ride
The Talisman rides by my side
My life is over there’s nowhere I can hide
The lone crow does a fly by as we ride
A dead manatee has washed on beachside
Only moments until I’m not alive
His sharp knife is pressed...Read More
Categories: manatee, fantasy
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Working Up to the Hallelujah Chorus
Whenever I feel the dirge
Moments, days that pass without hope
My pleasure begins to emerge
The moment I pick up the old fishing pole

So much negativity is purged
When the bait lady smiles at me
This special day I think I’ll splurge
Not one kind...Read More
Categories: manatee, happiness, sportsriver,
Form: Rhyme
The Sailors' Mermaid
The Sailors' Mermaid

There once was a manatee named Mary.
She, a mammal was not very hairy.
One day while at sea.
She said this shouldn't be!
So, she bought a blond wig from Sea-Fairy.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Poetic Form Limerick...Read More
Categories: manatee, animals, funny
Form: Limerick
     By The Poets Listed After the Poem

Practically perfect people in speedboats tease us manatees.
Long ago, as “mermaids,” we could swim the seas free as the breeze.
Even though propellers have replaced natives' canoe...Read More
Categories: manatee, nature, recovery from..., sad, seapoets, , cute,
Form: Acrostic
The Gentle Manatee

In southern waters
as an endangered species 
the manatee swims...Read More
Categories: manatee, animals
Form: Haiku
Fluid Miracle
Sea mother awaits
The warm water is breaking
Manatee calving...Read More
Categories: manatee, animals, life, mother,
Form: Haiku
...He swims
in two Centuries
His cold War
of water
An Aeonor, a "one-in-a-thousander"
- BabyBoomer -
Slowmotioning poisemass
like a colossal Pet!

Above & below
by plastic Jellyfish, sets 'n nets, 
Toxoids & the toxicrowdy polluted 
on His Time.

The 5,200 RPM Priapus Phallus, &
Unpainless, murdermessed Terrapin
Carapace shelled &...Read More
Categories: manatee, animals, death, nature, sad, sea
Form: Free verse
Manatee or Mermaid
Goodbye .....
she whispered from afar
The wind took words away
and scattered them
 along the beach
where lovers used to play

 I chased the syllables and nouns
I gathered up the thoughts
but currents in the water found
the letters I had caught

I still can't understand...Read More
Categories: manatee, funny, on writing and words, sea, words,
Form: Couplet