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Baby Lullaby Poems

These Baby Lullaby poems are examples of Lullaby poems about Baby. These are the best examples of Lullaby Baby poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Sleep Baby, Sleep
Lay your weary head
Inside my warm embrace 
I'll wrap my arms around you 
Within them now encased

Comforted between them
Free from want or care
No chaos or...

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Categories: lullaby, devotion, for her, i

I’d like to sing to you a lullaby
To make all your troubles disappear
Tell you there is no need to cry
That you will never know hate...

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Categories: lullaby, poetry,

Premium Member Nap Time
In Mama's arms you're safe and warm,
As she rocks you gently, there's no fear of harm,
So close your sleepy little eyes,
Hush your crying and fretful...

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Categories: baby, cry, dream, Lullaby,

Premium Member Chapter 76 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY: Changes
Date:  April 2041

It's been one week now. There
Was no sign of the Black China 
Men. The other Hakim family 
Members decided to take residence...

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Categories: lullaby, africa, black love, books,

She rocks her miracle baby
And sings a soothing song
Today, rest in peace
Because tomorrow, comes alarm
...and we're gonna rock around the clock

His little boy is his...

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Categories: lullaby, change, courage,

Don't you know Lullaby
Don't you know? 
By Michelle Morris

Don't you know that you're
The only one I need? 
Whenever I'm around you
I get weak...

Don't you know that you're...

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Categories: devotion, love, Lullaby, meaningful,

Druken Eyes
Whiskey drawn tears
	upon a face
		that once sung lullaby’s 
	wiping away cries
		a baby held in tune
			to an old deaf tone
	plastic blue bird

Red, red, red like the...

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Categories: conflict, drink, girl, Lullaby,

nap time music 
squ-ree-chee,  squ-ree-chee
springs are in rhythm
but the glider's out of tune 	

pat-tat-a tat,  pat-tat-a-tat
steady tempo 
granny sets the cadence
on a baby-bottom...

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Categories: 11th grade, Lullaby,

Premium Member Lullaby
"I don't have any talent for music, either to sing or play an instrument. But the lullaby I tune, puts my baby to sleep and...

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Categories: cute love, Lullaby, mother,

Premium Member Lullaby
Sleep now baby, I know you're tired
I'll be sitting here by the fire 
Keeping watch over you from afar
Sending you kisses from my guitar

Rest your...

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Categories: lullaby, desire, i love you,

Premium Member Hush
"... Hush, a gentle sound Silently sings of the moon 
Tender, calming night." 

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Categories: children, good night, Lullaby,

Mother's Lullaby
The baby's crying resounds,
announcing his birth to the whole world.
He is the gift from heaven
among numerous lives.

The newborn baby whom God adores
doesn't have a warm...

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Categories: Lullaby, mother,

Premium Member Lullaby
silent night serene ~
	everlasting lullaby
		Jesus the newborn...

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Categories: baby, jesus, Lullaby, night,

Premium Member Refurbished Nursery Rhymes: Jack and Jill, a Moonshine Lullaby
Where Hillbilly Jack
Sent his pregnant wife, Jill,
Was not for a pail of well water.
She tramped up that hill
For some swill from a still,
But returned with...

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Categories: lullaby, humor, nursery rhyme,

My Macbeth
The night is cold 
Its calmness is bold
Spring doth fold 
In its manifold
My-my-my baby's not old

Your tender smiles
Make my moonlight shines
Your pretty eyes
Make my morning...

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Categories: lullaby, baby, birth, care, death,