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Long Nazm Poems

Long Nazm Poems. Below are the most popular long Nazm by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Nazm poems by poem length and keyword.

Goblet Of Desire
??? ????

????? ?? ?? ??? ???? ????
??? ?? ????? ?? ??? ???? ????
???? ????? ??? ???? ??
??? ? ??? ???? ?? ???? ????

?? ?? ???? ????? ??? ?? ? ??
??? ????? ?? ???? ?? ??...

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Categories: poetry,
Form: Nazm

Raqs zanjeer pahen kar bhi kiya jata hay
Raqs Zangeer Pehen Kar Bhi Kiya Jata Hay.
“I love you. I can’t live without you. I am sorry.”
She is bleeding from her nose.
She frowns at him and run outside.
He follows her, “Please stop, don’t worry....

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Categories: anger, anxiety, love,
Form: Nazm
An Elegy for Syria
After so many countries, now in Syria,
Increasing is the western bacteria,

The bacteria of hypocrisy and lies,
Which is in a dangerous disguise,

Under the banner of help and peace,
They seems like a white fleece,

They do things very...

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Categories: abuse, peace, people, society, tribute, usa, violence,
Form: Nazm
Humans need an after life
but no 

Life would 
If this is 
the only 
dear life 
plans just 
death can 
to be 
once you 
your grave.

And for 
those who 
die young,...

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Categories: absence,
Form: Nazm
Good Morning Wishes

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Categories: poems, poetess, poetry, poets,
Form: Nazm

SUNA AASAMA Hindi poem
SUNA AASAMA......Hindi poem

               aaj aasamaann suna suna hai , chaand bhee gum hai 


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Categories: poems, poetess, poetry, poets,
Form: Nazm
Sing a song of TajMahal
Sing a song of Taj Mahal
A landmark of lovers
And a lover's edifice
With medieval bowers
Tis a mecca for tourists
Tis sensational, tis exceptional, 
tis truly a touristy place

Watch the shine and shimmer 
of its magnificent marbled 

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Categories: nazm, art,
Form: Rhyme
Cloud- A Song in Hindi with Song Lines in English

An instant Hindi Song with its English Version for Poetry Soup friends.

Hindi Lines in Roman English

"yoon to roj, baadal
bahut se aate hain
kabhee ud kar ye
kabhee yu heen chale jaate hain
kabhee barasate hain
saghan megh ban, kar...

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Categories: song,
Form: Nazm
Hindustaani jubaan
??? ??? ??????????? ????? ???,
??? ????? ???? ?? ??????,
??? ????? ?? ??? ??,
???? ?? ?? ?????? ??,
??? ???? ??? ??,
??? ???? ?? ????? ?? ??? ????? ???,
??? ??? ??????????? ????? ?????

??????? ?? ??, ????? ??...

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Categories: hindi,
Form: Nazm
NaFarmaan NaKhalf Baitay Ka Noha-- Elegy of a Disobedient and Evil Son
BeAdab gustakh jab aulad ho jaye
Chain sukh maa'n baap ka barbaad ho jaye

Cheen le budbakht jo walid ka sarmaya
Jeete jee kion baap na barbad ho jae

Aasteen ka saamp that beta nhi the woh
Maut ae usko...

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Categories: child, emotions, evil, family, father, son, urdu,
Form: Nazm
Railed Heart Sieged Karbala Fame
Thy mouth dripping with drool.
North blisses and quick-witted doth unfool.

Thou shalt seclude from middling teenth.
Plummeted into a hornet tool.

Wailed as eerie as a panicked fetus.
Didst thou stay fed in the crumbs of mool?

Times beest tough...

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Categories: conflict, death, voyage,
Form: Nazm
Poetry in an Urdu Nutshell
stacked high
scribbled stenos of
an automatic act
of little understanding or thought-------------

visceral finality       
zero return
zero reward
and then there's
a learning disability hindering the reading-------------

writing ...

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Categories: poems, poetry, poets, self, truth, urdu, words,
Form: Nazm
Hijab, niqab, jilbab, or chador of ridah.
Draping eloquently the notion of obscurity with expressions so holy.
Living an invisible existence on screen of life.
Suffering in silence; and protecting honor of riwayaat daily.
Should I surrender the will...

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Categories: gender,
Form: Nazm
Aatish-e-junoon ki chingaari ho, beqaraar dil ka sukoon bhi
Androoni sard ki thandak ho, barf ko pighlaati maum bhi

Shab ki adhoori khwaab ho, sehar ka mukammal sapna bhi
Khayaali ek khooobsurat uljhan ho, suljhi hui haseen jawaab...

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© Aruna Iyer  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hindi,
Form: Nazm
for which I broke my pen's nib
as if I got myself into a reverie
whilst reminiscing our resplendent date
quite thirsty you were, yearn alike
to have my expounded praises
as blue was the dress you wore and light caught it
to praise you,
I observed myself...

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© Khan Ansur  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beautiful, beauty,
Form: Nazm