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I am the Grinch
I am the Grinch I am I am, you know that I am The Grinch of Grinch's and so Don’t call me Sam For Sam I not am I am the grouch of this festive season I take what yours; I need not but one single reason I will steal all the presents Every one under the tree Why chocolates And toys And Barbie’s And shoes Mummies make up The golf clubs And the tickets to the zoo Why when I leave up that chimney You can be assured of one fact I am leaving with full red bag, upon my huge back I am leaving with gifts that were given with care I am stealing your presents, and no I won’t ever share Mine mine mine All the presents are mine! All these toys and gifts are all just for me While I look down at you with nothing under the tree Oh yes I stole Christmas and turkey and even the lights You all slept so innocent while I robbed you at night So I chuckle and laugh, for its a given I have won I have all the loot and you have but none! Now the dawn is rising and why I will take a wee peek To gloat over all the sadness that for sure I have reeked! Seeing you all sad, and crying with despair Surely that will make me so happy as to declare I have won, I have won! I have all that you could ever desire Why you have not even a log to start up the fire! Well Timmy and Maya woke up to a surprise For its true there was nothing under their tree Why I stole even the tree from those children you see! I laughed at the expressions I saw on their face I did so while gloating and without any disgrace Confused and distraught, I am sure of the state Mummy and Daddy earlier had seen their robbed fate They rushed to the village, on their big Swiss sled With all the villagers shouting!!!! We’ve been robbed of Christmas; we might as well be dead! That was not the story to be so you see For Timmy and Maya came along on that sled When they saw all the snow and children playing so free They laughed and danced and said to Papa with such glee Christmas is here and we have all of our gifts The laughter and love is what you have smothered us with Why this is truly the most wonderful of gifts So the children all danced and played in the snow The parents so proud has huge smiles aglow For Christmas was saved but by one small little factor A child’s love for his parents and his most joyous laughter The poor old Grinch in his mountain abode Looking down, he realized he'd been oversold Why he saw that all the gifts he had cached in his barn Could not undo the telling of Christmas with all of it generosity and charm Note: Timmy an Maya being of Swiss decent later scaled the south face of the mountain, with excellent climbing gear, and in co-ordination with Spider Man and James Bond, stormed the Grinch’s castle, tossed him into a Polar Bear pit, and then descended the mountain on Canadian built Bombardier skidoo with a Rolls Royce quit motor and returned all the gifts to the village. Including a huge huge huge bottle of Rum and Postage Stamps.
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