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Time List Poems

These Time List poems are examples of List poems about Time. These are the best examples of List Time poems written by international poets.

What a privilege for me to be enlisted
In the service* of the Supreme Commander and King of kings.

Grateful, I yield to Him my all: body,...

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Categories: christian, dedication, devotion, faith,

Every day, I thank the Lord*
For blessings actually can’t be counted:

Breath of life--- 
such free oxygen
that’s so costly in the hospital;

time to walk in the...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, god,

A List For A Life Most Lived - didactic
Take to the birth canal to climb out
Don't hurt mother or her humble womb
Leave the cervix intact, alone
Climb into the light through tears
See it for...

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Categories: list, birth, confidence, growth, life,

Premium Member My Stupid New Years Resolutions- Funny
1. Lose 20 pounds and prepare to finance a whole new wardrobe.
   When eating ask yourself, would a healthy person eat this and

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Categories: funny,

Premium Member After A Death To Do List
life is a struggle after a death, waking up feels traitorous.

the what if’s trot toward you at unexpected times, hard and fast.

the want of a...

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Categories: list, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member From Black and White To Color
Moving pictures 
Talking pictures 
Motion pictures 
Records 45’s, 33’s, 
Cameras and film
Colored photographs
Cassette tapes 
Colored TVs 
8 Track Tapes 
Video cameras 
VHS Tapes
Floppy Discs...

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Categories: nostalgia,

List it
Smokey stop pell
hovering on the station sail
policy of the ram hitting in a jam in their whole man
the self assured meander unspell

Yes yes it's a...

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Categories: list, allusion, angst, appreciation, art,

The Game
The game just began
With two teams,
On red and the other blue
We in this too,
And all are in...
Fans cheering and some booing 
Yeah! we love y'all...

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Categories: games, imagination,

Holy Violin
Behold! beauty begot beauty
the rhythm in such simple melodies 
that follow your gaze torture my heart
and plays it all along with an angels touch
worries be...

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Categories: beauty, desire, silence, song,

Premium Member Catching Next Twister Out of Kansas Be Sure To Bring
a brain
a heart
a broom - to swoosh away witches, smother fires, trick the wizard
compact hot air balloon - a buffoon might leave you behind
straw -...

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Categories: humor,

Premium Member High On My List

Punctuality's a most desirable trait
it shows consideration, no one likes to wait.
A bubbly personality’s also pleasant
while a compassionate heart's, a feel-good present.
Honesty and loyalty rank...

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Categories: list, 9th grade, feelings, friendship,

Premium Member BUCKET LIST


1 book published
before I see Jesus

also minumin
2 see my grandchildren as adults

3 have a lyric I've wrote
sung by a professional singer

4 for the third...

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Categories: dedication, desire, destiny,

Premium Member BIRD HOUSE

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Categories: analogy, bird, caregiving, engagement,

Today's List
Never die from natural causes
Shoot bullets into water instead
Drink wine with breakfast
Learn to take your heart attacks 
Love them back with buttered bread 
Make sure...

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Categories: list, education, fun, identity, imagination,

Premium Member LIFE IS
Life is a game to be won - 
A challenge to be met-
A gamble you risk- 
A poem to be written-
A test to be studied...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member Santa Claus Loses His Naughty-Nice List

		On Christmas morning once upon a time,
		the world was filled with screaming, crying kids.
		Confused and frantic parents struggled to
		determine why their kids...

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Categories: list, children, christmas,

Reach and Response
A magnificent sunset
  Problems in your life that seem overwhelming
     Stirring sermons with a sting of conviction

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Categories: bible, change, character, conflict,

twenty-seven truths, part II
14. You live in a laboratory; you can only create what can't survive in this air.

15. If your blood was pixelated and green, you'd probably...

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Categories: introspection, mystery, nonsense, nostalgia,

twenty-seven truths, part I
1. You have the illness you have always been fearful of. The cause is your fear. You will never sleep, and tea and yoga are...

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Categories: meaningful, mental illness,

1st time, you got fooled 
2nd time, you were foolish
3rd time, you are a fool
4th time, you're a damned fool. 
5th time; No turning...

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Categories: character, crazy, identity, math,