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Music List Poems

These Music List poems are examples of List poems about Music. These are the best examples of List Music poems written by international poets.

May day...I'm at the back
Listening to Chinese traditional music:
That bamboo flute in tuning,
Synchronizing with my thoughts
Amazed at our species capabilities,
All hail earthlings, keep the rain...

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Categories: inspiration, integrity, may,

Music to My Ears
Melodious whistling of a dovey dream
Ukulele strumming of cousins in Nuku
Singing alongside the grogging basins
Irrepressible laughs while making miti
Coconut fronds, clicking notes cryptic

The gentle lap,...

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© taai tekai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flower, heart,

Premium Member The Bible And Our Privileges
"It is known that the Bible, in its hundreds of different translations, is the most widely distributed book in human history. The bible has been...

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Categories: bible, books, christian, creation,

Sweet Everythings
Sweet nothings, you call them. The Sun’s arms 
reaching through my window to wake me at dawn. 
Rolling over to see a bright light in...

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Categories: for teens, happiness, imagery,

Holy Violin
Behold! beauty begot beauty
the rhythm in such simple melodies 
that follow your gaze torture my heart
and plays it all along with an angels touch
worries be...

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Categories: beauty, desire, silence, song,

I'm walking and walking 
The journey of a mortal
So I struggled but this just the beginning 
These a door ahead
An adventure awaits me 
The wind...

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Categories: blue, day, deep, life,

Premium Member Poetic Inspiration 101
Poetic Inspiration 101

What inspires me to write poetry?

an old man on a park bench mumbling
weightless hawks floating on updrafts
trash strewn city streets
school buses at 5AM

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Categories: poetry, writing,


We LINE up in traffic, or clear out the door, 
And there are BEELINES we make, to the seashore.
Get mad and we're "DRAWING A LINE...

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© Edlynn Nau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allusion, angst, humor, spoken

I Don't Dance
I don't dance.
Don't know what it is,
 must be the two left feet.
No rhythm.

 I hear the music, feel it, love it, hold it to...

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© DM Babbit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dance, desire, music, song,

Premium Member Apply Within - For Contest

I am putting a sign in my window for a position available.  The position is soul mate,
(friend and lover) this is not a temporary...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: friend, love, soulmate, drug,

Senior Day
Senior Day

Sun hat check
Walking shoes check
Water bottle check
Off to wisconsin state fair
For a fun time with two daughters;

Handicapped parking
That's new
Walker in tow
That's new too
But I'm...

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Categories: age, summer,

Premium Member This Weekend I Accomplished
Made a batch of cornbread Saturday morning.

Mixed the cornbread with clams and nuts to make stuffing.

Surrounded and filled the turkey with onions and stuffing;

Having done...

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Categories: computer, food, music, song,

Premium Member A Day In My Life

Not sure what I do but I sure am exhausted at the end of the day,
so I decided to think about it and made...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: introspection,


Gifts are what matter the most.
Where's the talent without its host?
Where's the paper without the pen?
What is repetition without doing again? 
Where's the car without...

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Categories: symbolism,

Have you ever
Have you ever tried staying awake in your sleep?
Or fly when walking?
Maybe screamed loud in your silence?
Well that’s the way you make me feel

When you...

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Categories: addiction, art, desire, love,

Poetry Is:
my brother
my mother
my bartender
my psychiatrist
my babysitter
my best friend

my instrument
my music...

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Categories: writing,

God bursts everywhere
God bursts everywhere…
Smile of a child 
Twinkle of an eye
Surge of a wave
Silence of a grave
Bloom of a flower
Unseasonal showers
Kindness of the heart 
Purity of...

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© Afroze Ali  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: god,

Premium Member Bucket List Item
I can't play a single musical instrument to save my life.
I guess I could if I really tried, but who has the time
to put aside...

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Categories: list, computer, music,

Premium Member My Non-bucket List
I have no terribly strong ambitions
and no burning desire to do something totally new.
I’ve seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt so many things.

As a child...

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Categories: list, life,

bucket list of wants
Tons more I wish to do,
Much more I want to do,
Before I am laid on the pyre facing the sky deep blue,
Much more I wish...

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Categories: list, adventure, dream, imagination, inspirational,