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Jesus List Poems

These Jesus List poems are examples of List poems about Jesus. These are the best examples of List Jesus poems written by international poets.

if you add an idea in the comments I'll edit it into my prayer
Friend of sinners, befriend me
Gospel of Christ, enlighten me
Faithful Christ, have mercy on me
Merciful Christ, forgive me
Divine Christ, sanctify me
Human Christ, understand me
Compassionate Christ, heal...

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Categories: christian, friendship love, hope,

What a privilege for me to be enlisted
In the service* of the Supreme Commander and King of kings.

Grateful, I yield to Him my all: body,...

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Categories: christian, dedication, devotion, faith,

Having been mandated by the Sovereign Commander*
we, His church, in the power of the Holy Spirit are ordered to:
win the lost toward His way by...

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Categories: christian, dedication, devotion, faith,

Every day, I thank the Lord*
For blessings actually can’t be counted:

Breath of life--- 
such free oxygen
that’s so costly in the hospital;

time to walk in the...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, god,

God opens doors toward

service opportunities showing His:

...omniscience along His plan

...omnipotence with His power

...omnipresence thru His purpose

...orderliness by His programs

...ordinances upon His precepts

...orders under His providence


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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, devotion,

Hearing God’s Word:
…strengthens grace-sustained faith*
…cheers up revived soul
…nourishes vibrant spirit
…anchors diligent discipleship
…enlivens worshipful service
…boosts scriptural preaching
…propels church-involvement progress
…builds up compassion-driven ministry
…secures biblical commitment
…props fervent prayer!!!


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Categories: bible, christian, devotion, faith,

My dear child,
Congratulations for the accomplishment gems you've garnered
in doing your utmost:
medal of honour
victor's crown
beauty titlist sash
championship belt
plaque of recognition
seal of excellence
triumphant trophy
scepter of ...

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Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god,

Worthy by God's grace of His granted mercy*
Offering life to the Lord willingly, midst tempting complacency
Redeemed thru genuine faith in the Saviour's all-sufficiency
Kindled with the...

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Categories: bible, christian, faith, god,

Premium Member The Bible And Our Privileges
"It is known that the Bible, in its hundreds of different translations, is the most widely distributed book in human history. The bible has been...

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Categories: bible, books, christian, creation,

Premium Member When I Am Done I Am Done
fish, lizard, rainbow, cat, pirate, witch,
hat, broom, Peter Pan, Jesus, gypsy, flowers,
starfish, mermaid, peddler man, drums, 

monsters, angels, faeries, fish, babies, raccoons,
skunk, hot air balloons,...

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Categories: art, self,

Premium Member The Promises of Praying the Rosary
The following promises were given of the Blessed Mother to Saint Dominic and Blessed Alan in the twelfth century
These promises are fifteen in number
and are...

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Categories: christian, community, faith, hope,

Premium Member BUCKET LIST


1 book published
before I see Jesus

also minumin
2 see my grandchildren as adults

3 have a lyric I've wrote
sung by a professional singer

4 for the third...

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Categories: dedication, desire, destiny,

Premium Member ONE GOD

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, faith, god,

Glory Haliluyah
By Dana Redricks
January 20, 2018

Glory, glory Haliluyah
 to rising of the sun and
 the setting of the same
God is the alpha and omega
And never does...

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Categories: blessing, christian, deep, faith,

The List
According to Matthew's recording of the Gospel story, Jesus' genealogy consists of a total of 47 names.*  Four of them are women.  Of...

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Categories: list, christmas, jesus,

Premium Member God is Love

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Categories: bible, christian, god, jesus,

Little Children
Little children

-will pause to smell a flower.

-watch the activities of ants with rapt curiosity.

-are quick to forgive when offered an apology and the offense is...

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Categories: character, children, god, jesus,

Premium Member Abbreviations and Initials
Codex Iuris Canonici (Code of Canon Law)
Iesus Hominum Salvator (Jesus Savor of Mankind)
Abbreviation for Responsory / Response
Latin words for B.M.V.

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Categories: christian, devotion, faith, god,

Premium Member Resolve Conflicts in Jesus or Father Christ Way
Human nature being what it is
We are bound to conflict with one another 
Jesus or Father Christ gave us advice on how to resolve conflicts...

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Categories: christian, devotion, faith, god,

Love Is Strange
Love Is Strange 

I wish I could be the ocean: free, vast, and open, without mundane human responsibility. 
Can you get me a coffee with...

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