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Beautiful List Poems

These Beautiful List poems are examples of List poems about Beautiful. These are the best examples of List Beautiful poems written by international poets.

please post comments of your ideas to add to my list
Merciful Christ, forgive me
Divine Christ, sanctify me
Human Christ, understand me
Compassionate Christ, heal me
Baptized Christ, cleanse me
Missionary Christ, call me
Gracious Christ, bless me
Miraculous Christ, mesmerize me

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Categories: christian, friendship love, hope,

Premium Member Seven Things I'd Save Should My House Catch Fire
Assuming my house is soon to be at the mercy of a catastrophic fire, and the Likelihood of salvaging everything is infinitesimal to nil. Given...

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Categories: fire, house, me, perspective,

Today is a good day. I am happy.  I am worthy of love. I am at peace. I am loved.  I am open...

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© Jessy Sue  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: care, cheer up, confidence,

The Game
The game just began
With two teams,
On red and the other blue
We in this too,
And all are in...
Fans cheering and some booing 
Yeah! we love y'all...

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Categories: games, imagination,

The world
Mothers bear the world,
Infant beings crying for a world
Grown man fighting for the world:
Battles for food, shelter, territory and individuality: 
family life bigger than the...

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Categories: world,

The Echoing Note
A string
A voice
A beautiful noise
The sound that calms the mind
Reverberated by the wall behind
The perfect kind of poise

It is

My kind of noise....

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Categories: identity, peace, perspective, senses,

BE Colorful
BE Beautiful	

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Categories: appreciation,

Venus' Wish List
I want the sun
Served on a dish of silver and gold
Carved by the skilled hands of Hephaestus. 

Pick up Mount Olympus
Place it down at my...

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Categories: list, beautiful,

Conquest of a heart 
Pouting lips of the one you love
A youthful soul
Memories that skip the ugly bowl

Senses unfold 
Love letters read at a quiet...

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Categories: list, beautiful, celebration, day, family,

Premium Member poetry soup very own love poem generator see side list on left
never noticed this feature before lol will come in handy when the muse as done a runner and its your loved ones birthday 


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Categories: list, love,


                 I launch...

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Categories: list, adventure, fantasy, nature, new

Perfect like a God
Pure as heaven
      Sweet as honey
         Beautiful as the moon

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Categories: true love,

Beautiful Things
Laughter is beautiful.
It is the manifestation of joy.

Love is beautiful.
It eliminates all war, all fear, and all hate.

Peace is beautiful.
It brings hearts, nations, and all...

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Categories: beautiful, hope, love, peace,

Ode to the woman
Woman, you are most beautiful within you.
When you show wisdom that is treasured in your heart.
When you proclaim the truth to save lives.
When you give...

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Categories: dedication, devotion, for her,

call me on my butterscotch
1. heath ledger resides in my closet
2. i don't smoke
3. my weight worries me
4. i tell them everything
5. cats are better than dogs
6. cats should...

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Categories: judgement, nonsense, old, school,

He tried to love me but I was too broken
You question why I am so scared  
Because I have climbed on to the backs of
men who couldn't carry me
I worship at the feets...

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Categories: beautiful, betrayal, first love,

Now the day is over
Now the day is over

The day is over
Our lives not covered
Across the sky, evening shadows emerges clearer
Calm and sweet repose the weary receive

Hooting horns like...

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Categories: hello,

the Christmas list revelation
you tell me to make a Christmas list
i am sitting here trying to think with pen and pad in hand
i can only think of one...

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© Marty King  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: list, beautiful, blessing, happy, how

Things I Miss
Nostalgic Nights.
The smell of gas in the vintage moped I drove an hour to buy, 
Driving down that small-town street at night,
Lit by the dim...

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, divorce, family,

Maranao Poem - Osaynko kathapar
~ Osaynko kathapar ~

Pamagosayn ko kon 
so manga sarat a sorot
a okit ka thiwalaya
a ino bala sa tapar
a kambangonan sa walay...

Paganay na kataid
ikadowa na tamok

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Categories: analogy, beautiful,