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Heartbreak Life Poems

These Heartbreak Life poems are examples of Life poems about Heartbreak. These are the best examples of Life Heartbreak poems written by international poets.

Premium Member At The Window
'Are you ok? ' I hear the words
But can't find a reply
'Yes.' At last I answer
I don't mean it, and I cry

I'm not ok. I'm...

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Categories: life, bereavement, blessing, death, grief,

The Old Green Hill
Once upon that old green hill
I waited alone in the rain
Then, I cursed that bleak grey hill;
Now, I would buy it back with pain
One yellow...

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Categories: life, death, desire, farewell, happiness,

Premium Member No Conscience
He had never developed a conscience.
Everything he saw belonged to him
It was his right to take
For he had been unlucky and deprived
Whatever he could get

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Categories: life, 10th grade, 11th grade,

The Carnivore Within
The Carnivore Within...

Meaty morsels besiege
this vegetarian advocate
yet, the atavistic Jainist within me decries,
egg hen hies his, and lamb hence
carnivorous ache that won't abate
case in point...

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Categories: life, addiction, conflict, cry, environment,

Premium Member Moon Plea
I woke this morning and you were gone
Went to say hello and then it dawned
I can't believe you won't be there anymore
I've lost the only...

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Categories: life, break up, forgiveness, heartbreak,


It's a biggest break,
A Heart Break !
Splitting of heart,
From each other apart,
Emotions are didn't cared,
And the feelings are cleared,
It's relationship's end,
And nothing is...

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Categories: life, betrayal, destiny, heart, heartbreak,

Life and Love

What is life?
But a multitude of journeys
Exciting adventures with friends & lovers
Intense emotions, needs & wants
At times returned just as intensely
And sometimes unreachable

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Categories: life, betrayal, break up, deep,


Love twisted my mind
and left my heart in shambles.
But whose fault was it?
Life is full of accidents;
can this be true of heartbreak?

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Categories: life, fate, heartbreak, irony, love,

High For Life
You're not satisfied

Eyes lacking passion
A burning sensation replaced with ice
Our intensity reduced to a mere glance
sitting in silence where the chatter used to live

I am...

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Categories: life, devotion, heartbreak, integrity, jealousy,

Shes The Reason The Barstools Still Around
Here I sit with, my mind, closing in...
On a memr’y, I’ve tried, to escape...
I drink everyday, try’n to turn the page
But it keeps on, getting...

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Categories: addiction, heartbreak, life, loss,

One statement spoken,
Mind goes blank.

Thoughts run as a river through a flood,
Nonstop, bleak, paralyzing.

The river builds up within, 
Escaped, a few have through the center.


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Categories: life, body, character, deep, heartbreak,

Lost Hearts
The mind is a tricky thing,
It loves to remember what it had
It's afraid to mourn what it’s lost.

The heart is a tricky thing,
It loves to...

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Categories: deep, heartbreak, life, lost,

Premium Member Glass hearts
Empty glass bottles
lying in back alleys
Where they drowned the emotions 
of broken hearts
that were shattered like glass.

Kale Brereton
January 19/19

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Categories: addiction, heartbreak, humanity, life,

Cavity Fillings
A Zombies violent behaviour is so much more than what you can see on the outside.
Inside is a battle. 
Fight, after fight, after fight.
There's a...

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Categories: depression, heartbreak, life, lost,

Beyond Loneliness
Beyond Loneliness...
There exists a life-giving spark
a light of hope in the darkness
that sets a believing heart free

Beyond Loneliness...
There exists a sense of goodness
a hidden whispering...

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Categories: feelings, heartbreak, life, loneliness,



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Categories: emotions, heartbreak, life,

In The Vortex Of Turmoil


The seamless sky called life glazed in cloudless serenity,
in the rhapsody of the zephyr floated a butterfly free.
On its wings I...

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Categories: life, analogy, butterfly, dream, heartbreak,

From the day that he was born
He meant the world to me
I said I'd always be there
That i would never leave

Someone to hold his hand

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Categories: life, child, family, heartbreak, hurt,

Bittersweet Poetry
You up and left without a trace or saying goodbye
Embracing my pillow, heartbroken, tears in my eyes
Asking the lord forgiveness for anything that I did...

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Categories: break up, heartbreak, life,

Modern Morality
This age we live in
with no moral absolute
standards no longer exist
now we bear its fruit

Fewer couples no longer marry
live in is the thing
not thinking of...

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Categories: life, age, bible, confusion, corruption,