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Adventure Life Poems

These Adventure Life poems are examples of Life poems about Adventure. These are the best examples of Life Adventure poems written by international poets.

Premium Member On the Trail, Sitting on This Lonely Hill
I find acceptance
Sitting on this lonely hill
Musing to my Self


Do I dare, do you, to say to someone
I am free as this, alone
Or better said......

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Categories: adventure, fairy, life, philosophy,

Global pride! Greatest story-theme worldwide! Oceanic!
Voyage liner - Atlantic! British cruise ship! Titanic!
Born in the yard of Harland and Wolf! Floated to venture!
Who did ever...

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Categories: life, adventure, beauty, boat, fear,

A Worgleschnortzkopf Tale Warm breath of life
Under the hedges the ground was still like a frozen brick,

Cracks zig zagged over the surface leaving gaps,

Where old Jacomus in his wild dance,

Would whirl...

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Categories: life, adventure, celebration, environment, fairy,


If I die in autumn,
I will be dry leaves
flying in time...
If I die in the summer,
everyone will feel that
I enjoyed well
the temperature...
if in winter,
I will...

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Categories: life, adventure, allegory, allusion, metaphor,

Premium Member The Last Train From Soup Central
how many of you 
wonder how
you find yourself 
where you are now
on some fast train
that’s shooting by
the world outside
and don’t know why
and wishing as
it takes...

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Categories: adventure, inspiration, life, metaphor,

Premium Member Knot Of Life
My knot of life I keep you with me
When times are bleak you remind me
That I am right where I need to be
Wherever I am...

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Categories: life, adventure, change, destiny, faith,

Premium Member Finishing Excitements in Living Life
Of many Trails walked
Many lie in the awesome 
‘Within’ wonderment's

So many gates found
Exploring... ‘More than I know’
Add to living life.

Inner, from outer
Dreaming beyond... just 3D

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Categories: life, adventure, appreciation, dream, imagination,

Thee Apology
They say actions speak louder than words 
But that shh u said broke my heart
They say stick and stones but that shh u said toured...

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Categories: life, 11th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member Accepting Change So The Earth Abides
Fear thwarts Change coming, by hiding
As does dreading Unknown ahead... by subterfuge.

Though how then is repeating dross, stacking as such, to ever burn off
Letting hot...

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Categories: life, adventure, change, courage, faith,

Act Eight, Chapter One. Part One
                Part of a grander...

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Categories: life, abuse, adventure, age, allegory,

o beau papillon
  o beau papillon 

~ o beautiful butterfly,


Have you whilom explored the inselberg,

To descry its allure,

And its rillets surge,

To see the coruscating sun,

And the...

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Categories: life, adventure, butterfly, imagery, imagination,

Trouvaille:Oh, These underrated realities
Hasta la vista to boredom binges
Wonder lurks on and going out feels different,I appreciate it so much more
Like I notice things and soak in stuff...

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Categories: adventure, imagery, life, literature,

The Culture Lives
The culture lives

The transfer of traditional song sound like an orchestra
playing a symphony in a ti ton ton tu ti move
I heard a child being...

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Categories: life, 10th grade, 6th grade,

A journey
in life is a pineapple
is yours at times not
life is an adventure
of blue
though in the long run
there is this reward
sweet and lustful
one would...

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Categories: life, love,

One year on
will I be gone
For no one really knows
when those final doors will close

Before goodbyes, adios, au revoirs
I yearn to go out with a...

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Categories: adventure, farewell, future, life,