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Freedom Kyrielle Poems

These Freedom Kyrielle poems are examples of Kyrielle poems about Freedom. These are the best examples of Kyrielle Freedom poems written by international poets.

If there was no poetry
If there was no poetry?
Life would be numb.
If there was no poetry?.
Life would be dumb.
If there was no poetry?
There would be no freedom of expression.

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Categories: poetry,

I Must Praise My God
In life you go through everyday
Not knowing what may come your way
But I just can't stop
I must Praise my God

I must not give
Because with Jesus...

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Categories: appreciation, bible, celebration, christian,

Your Word assures me Your salvation
…Affirming Your power of regeneration
…Asserting Your work of redemption
…Awakening with Your miracle of new creation.
My God, fire me up through...

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Categories: bible, christian, faith, god,

One Existent Reality
In seeking to find inner peace.
The chains of pain that won't release.
Seeking freedom with certainty,
In One existent reality.

The quest continues in the night,
Searching the corners...

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Categories: blessing, courage, discrimination, god,

Freedom Implores Fresh Start
Again, I was freed from a mad hurricane
Call it by any name, it's still the same
Two eldest siblings, lost their lives in the dark
Freedom implores...

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Categories: blessing, change, dedication, forgiveness,

Premium Member WHAT A DRAG
Control your jealousy; I convey.
I am not cheating.
I relate.
I am helplessly in love.

Why do you not trust me?
I ask.
I am not a cheat; I blab.

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Categories: faith, freedom, future, how

Full Figured Woman
I am a full figured woman
inside and out
Embracing my shape
as each curve tells her own story

My head you no longer enter
my heart you can not...

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Categories: freedom, inspirational, life, love,

Faith is More Than Another Word
Faith is belief in the divine
His good word keeping us in line
None better can ever be heard
Faith is more than another word

Faith is freedom for...

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Categories: faith, peace, people,

sighed American Freedom
It started many years ago
the quest for freedom all aglow.
The founders of this nations pride
The melting pot for freedom"sighed."

"united we stand-divided we fall",
seems to be...

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Categories: nostalgiafreedom,

Premium Member Land of Old Glory

I am Old Glory, a land of the golden west
I lie between the Atlantic blue, and a vast Pacific crest
Where freedom of speech and liberty...

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Categories: inspirational, places,

America - The Melting Pot of Freedom

Ones might know the value of tolerance 
Let’s ask American for their multicultural life 
How has it been? 
Are they living in a camouflage screen?...

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Categories: on writing and wordslife,

Freedom is the Cost -- America Freedom --
We have lost our way in self-preservation for American dream.
Expecting more and more to be given by government it does seem.
Working for the dream and...

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Categories: history, life, people, philosophy,

Melting Pot : America Freedom
Flames and fire are Devil’s friend,
melting, melting till the end,
conglomerate conformity
Oh God have you abandoned thee?

My freedom hand hits iron wall,
I’m simmered in a hamster...

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Categories: forgiveness, introspectiongod, god,

I'm Lost America Freedom
<                        ...

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Categories: caregiving, confusion, education, family,

Green Lady- America Dream
Food in a rag opens to the night air
ireland's kind store aswage and to bear
The people are anxious and families wait
deliver your stories your knowledge...

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Categories: workpeople, people,

Premium Member Two by Two America Freedom
The Big Apple awaits the arrival of hosts.
Some seeking more than their country boasts.
Arriving alone, maybe two or three,
oh, Lord bless the land of the...

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Categories: places

Premium Member Merciful Be - American Freedom
Our home, this earth, we did not own
but, still we would not flee.
The White man came and brought us death.
O God, Be merciful to we.


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Categories: angst, education, history, introspection

Melting out of Slavery
In the beginning, there was little hope
working the slaves, and they had to cope
without rights.
That was their plight.

Freedom for them was not real
Until after the...

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Categories: peace

Premium Member The Melting Pot- a soup pot of giants-w

The United States is a vast country of immigrants
Each immigrant adds an ingredient and a flavor
“A melting pot”, visualizing a soup...

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Categories: culture,

The Melting Pot - America, the melting pot of freedom
Lord have mercy, have you seen
The fences they put up between
America and its border states
The melting pot no longer rates

Lord have mercy, have you heard

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Categories: introspection, people, philosophy, political